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Morning Roseville! Let’s catch up with you all to start this day off with an informed note. Here’s everything you need to know about Roseville today.

First today’s weather:

A sporadic shower in the afternoon. High: 63 Low: 39.

Here are the top five stories in Roseville today:

  1. Would you like to save 35,000 gallons of water a year? So does the city of Roseville! Roseville’s Water Efficiency Division will unveil its latest water-saving resource with the Inspiration Garden on May 11th. Not only is it a water efficient garden, they also want to teach others how to use the resource efficiently and save even more for the ‘Ville’, so they will be hosting classes on water efficiency and best gardening practices. Inspiration Garden is located in Martha Riley Library/Utility Exploration Center facilities. (Roseville today)
  2. The Folsom High softball team is one win away from a championship in the Sierra Foothill League. For a long time, Folsom just wasn’t a contender in softball. Then they brought in coach Tom Pfeiler five years ago and he really turned things around. All Folsom (11-3) has to do is beat Oak Ridge (1-13) on Wednesday and they will be champions. Go bulldogs! (Folsom Telegraph)
  3. Summer is fast approaching and this is the best time for spray grounds and more Water playgrounds in Roseville Parks. Unfortunately at the moment it looks like Crabb Park and Luken Park will remain closed for the season so that’s ok Town Square on Vernon Street as the main location for water games. Beginning May 14, this location will be open weekends and daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day. (roseville.ca.us)
  4. Check out this $1.2 million home in Citrus Heights! It could be a record-breaking prize for the city. It is a beautiful home with a 1,200 foot detached guest house on an acre of land. Well, I won’t be surprised that the property will go for a pretty penny. The property was built in 2020 and, according to the advertisement, has been on the market for six days. (Guardian of the Citrus Heights)
  5. Follow these Stories from the Gold Country Media archive by Howard Stitt? Here’s a story he pulled 25 years ago: “At least 35 members of the Loomis area met at the Horseshoe Bar Grill to share ideas. All presented ‘Buried the Hatchet’ as a symbolic gesture to start on an even playing field with no past or lingering grudges. Meetings are to be held every two weeks. David Rosenaur offered to host for the first month, with companies or individuals paying for refreshments at future meetings. For more archive stories from 50 and even 75 years ago, follow this link. (Goldland Media)

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  • It’s wedding season! Want to keep it local but don’t know where to turn? The town of Rocklin has you covered. IIndoors or outdoors, there are many venues you can hire to make your day magical! (rocklin.ca.us)
  • Folsom companies want to give you things like free artichoke dip and $5 off a bottle of Rombauer! Just download your free WOW Pass and save on the Best of Folsom!
  • The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is looking for talented artists under 18 to design their summer social media sticker! Mark your calendar for May 11th when they post the photo they want you to recreate. The winner will be announced on social media and their design will be printed and distributed to numerous businesses across Placer County!

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  • Spring Festival and Municipal Open Day (May 14)
  • Rain is Coming Soon (May 14)
  • The People’s Trial Against Alouicious Golden Locks (May 15)
  • The Delta Wires live at the Powerhouse Pub (May 15)
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All right, you’re all caught up for today. I’ll be back in your inbox tomorrow with your next update!

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