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CROSS DISTRIBUTION – With several improvements since the early 2000’s, current and former Lake Holiday board members believe the northern Frederick County gated community will thrive as it nears its 50th anniversary.

Established in the late 1960’s, Lake Holiday has 2,000 acres with 1,800 lots. There are 962 apartments, eight more are under construction.

The centerpiece of Lake Holiday is a 250-acre man-made lake that is 90 feet deep. It was mostly filled by rain from Hurricane Agnes in 1972. 500 acres of natural park area are also part of the development.

“It wasn’t until the 2000’s that we really had everything under control here and built up our resources to be able to make all the improvements,” said Pat Majewski, president of Lake Holiday Country Club Inc., which has been a resident here since 1996 Over the past few years, we’ve added many new amenities that the community has been asking for, based on surveys we’ve conducted every few years. … We continue to plan how we can improve.”

According to a June 1970 advertisement, the original plan for the community called for a “state-of-the-art private members-only development” that would lend itself to a community of owners with centralized water and sewerage.

These plans also envisaged a 300-acre lake, an airstrip, a large recreation center with restaurants and dance floors, swimming pools, tennis courts, ice skating, an 18-hole golf course, several sandy beaches, docks, trout and bass fishing off lakes, and two sections for permanent residences and second homes. The municipality also described itself as heavily forested with campsites and toboggan and ski slopes. 24 hour security and shopping facilities have been listed as part of the amenities. Lots start at $3,950.

Dave Buermeyer, a former LHCC president who has lived in Lake Holiday for 22 years, said some of those promises have been fulfilled, but most have not. Many people ended up with unbuildable lots.

The community’s history has not been without its hiccups. Perhaps the biggest issues and subsequent improvements over the years are improvements to the water supply and a new dam and spillway.

According to Buermeyer, prior to the utility’s sale to Aqua in 2006, Lake Holiday’s original water supply plan was not equipped for operation or expansion.

Shortly thereafter, Lake Holiday board members prepared an emergency plan with the state and hired a contractor to replace the original 1970 dam and spillway that threatened to fail during heavy rain. The new dam and spillway was completed in 2013 and can withstand 18 inches of rain in 24 hours.

The Board has made a $2.5 million principal payment on a Virginia Resources Authority loan on the project, with the full balance expected to be repaid in early 2025.

A new boat ramp and fishing dock were also built.

The original developers of Lake Holiday formed a community of owners known as Lake Holiday Country Club Inc. in 1973, which was acquired by the owners in 1976. After about 20 years of mismanagement, things got going again in the early 2000s, Bürmeyer said.

An extension to the community’s sewage treatment plant was completed in July 2002, and a construction moratorium was lifted a month later. This eventually led to the acquisition of more than 300 acres and over 700 properties held in trust. This land was considered community land on which no houses will be built, Buermeyer said. The golf course was eventually dissolved and also turned into a community area.

Improvements were also made to the clubhouse, tennis and basketball courts, beach areas, coaching inns and the property’s front gate.

“If it’s not owned by a single property owner now, it’s ours,” Buermeyer said. “We have total control of the lake and everything around it. It is wonderful.”

A 10-year master plan and capital improvement plan in 2017 enabled funds to be raised to develop new facilities, including a new disc golf course and dog park. Beach improvements have been approved and marina docks have been reconfigured for 13 new dock spaces. New ramps and a concrete walkway to the farthest dock were completed this month.

And other improvements are planned, Majewski said, including practice stations on walking tails, a playground and a large picnic pavilion at Beach 2 and Country Club Park.

There are also plans to pave the driveway around the compactor; improvement of three approaches to post offices; Double the clubhouse parking lot; offer dedicated boat trailer parking and up to 10 food truck spaces. The clubhouse is earmarked for new carpeting and other improvements. Outdoor bathrooms get new counters and sinks, and landscaping is spruced up in various high-visibility areas throughout the property.

As Lake Holiday progresses, Majewski said, it’s important to recognize just how far it’s come.

“We have learned from the past, made wise decisions, worked hard and look forward to a bright future,” she said.

Lake Holiday celebrates its 50th anniversary on Friday with a DJ, dancing, photo booth, canapés and a Lake Holiday quiz competition from 8pm to midnight in the clubhouse. Several community competitions will be held Saturday at Country Club Park across from the community dog ​​park. A food truck is also available on Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. At 2:00 p.m. there is a potluck lunch in the clubhouse with complimentary boat rides on the lake.

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