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When it comes to cooking with kids, there’s one inevitability: it gets messy. But despite the risk of flour spilling on the floor or eggshells getting into the batter, there are immeasurable benefits to involving kids in the kitchen — beyond the simple enjoyment they derive from it. They can improve their fine motor skills, learn time management, practice math by measuring ingredients and become more adventurous with new foods. They can even gain self-confidence through their newfound responsibility and learn resilience from failures and successes with various recipes.

You need the proper tools to encourage your budding cook. If kids aren’t supposed to walk with scissors, why on earth should we give them a kitchen knife? But don’t worry, there are all sorts of thoughtfully designed, kid-safe kitchen tools for little sous-chefs to help them prep, chop and cook safely.

As a parent, it can be difficult to let go of control – and cleanliness – in the kitchen. But being able to help out with preparing food or baking is like a rite of passage for children. It shows them that they are helpful and trustworthy and gives them the opportunity to be creative and have fun. You never know, when you’re filled with pride after a job well done, your next top chef might even be inspired to cook she a whole dinner (or maybe just helping with the dishes).

An adjustable stool for an extra boost

Kid-friendly counter stools and towers allow children to get involved in the kitchen from a young age, long before they learn to read recipes. This birch wood model has an easily adjustable platform that will grow with your child, and its clean lines and design mean it will fit seamlessly into most homes. Kids can help pour ingredients, mix, roll out dough, or safely decorate desserts while growing to adult size. We especially love that the eco-friendly finish can be easily wiped clean after a messy kitchen session.

Stable, robust mixing bowls

Kids tend to excel in the mixing department, but the last thing you want is for an overzealous kid to hurl a bowl off the counter with the swing of a spoon. These nesting bowls have a non-slip bottom and handles that prevent slipping and sliding. They’re also made from durable BPA-free plastic, so if a bowl spills, you’re only cleaning up the contents, not broken glass.

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A safer way to hack

In a way, the thought of giving a child a sharp implement seems like bad parenting. But these kid-friendly knives, made from premium BPA-free nylon, give you peace of mind. The serrated edges and non-slip handles offer more control and help your child chop safely. They learn proper technique with knives so they’re prepared when they’re ready to step up to a next set.

A personalized cooking essential


Sure, these will protect kids’ clothes from dirt and stains, but perhaps more importantly, a personalized apron will add a dose of respect to your mini sous chef in the kitchen. Minted offers a variety of options in fun prints and cool details like a brushed copper buckle and customizable embossed leather name tag. Also, you can add matching oven mitts to complete the uniform.

For perfect pancakes

Weekend pancakes — and the subsequent carb-and-treacle-induced eating coma while watching cartoons — are the holy grail for many families. These fun shapes are great for kids and parents to create adorable shapes. They are made from non-stick silicone and have tabs to make them easier to remove from the griddle. Even better, they’re dishwasher safe.

A fun, functional prep tool

A salad spinner can be just as much fun and satisfactory. It offers an easy way to get your little one helping out in the kitchen, and it’s low risk of mess or injury (plus, it can keep curious toddlers busy for a good stretch). Besides drying vegetables, it can also be used to wash and spin berries, chop vegetables or canned beans. The best part? If your child knows they helped prepare the salad, they’re more likely to eat it. This model has a non-slip base and a sturdy lever handle – both making it super easy to use and keep the bowl stable.

Ready to go

Many rolling pins are too large and unwieldy for little ones to handle easily. This set comes in a pack of two – a traditional 17″ size and an 8.5″ size – giving kitchen helpers the option of using a smaller needle that better fits their little hands. Plus, the rollers are made from non-stick silicone and the set comes with a flexible, BPA-free silicone baking mat with handy measurements.

Measuring made easy

The numbers on measuring cups always seem tiny or difficult to decipher for children learning measurements. This features easy-to-read numbers from both the side and top of the mug. It’s also made from BPA-free plastic, making it safer than glass for little chefs and dishwasher safe.

A chopper that makes vegetables more fun

It’s hard to explain why wavy and waffled veggies are more fun and appealing to eat than regular cut ones, but it just is. Kids will love preparing veggies, fruit and even cheese with this stainless steel crinkle cutter. A helpful tip: Let younger children start by slicing soft veggies like zucchini or cucumbers before eventually working your way up to firmer veggies like carrots and potatoes.

A guide for budding chefs

Glossy photos, testimonials, clear steps, and easy-to-follow hacks make this kid-friendly cookbook a winner for both parents and kids. It features more than 100 recipes that will give budding chefs culinary confidence, whether they’re looking for a fun sleepover recipe, inspiration for a family dinner, or an idea for a filling after-school snack.

A cooking class for children

Get kids excited about experimenting in the kitchen with this cooking club exclusively for kids ages four to 14. How it works: Each month, a themed culinary kit is delivered to your doorstep, complete with three step-by-step recipe guides and a kitchen tool, collectible items like conversation cards or an apron patch, a creative kitchen project, three culinary lessons, and a full grocery list. There is also a members-only digital library with additional recipes and cooking techniques. Note that ingredients are not provided, so parents can still do the shopping.

For easy kitchen cleaning

Cooking is just the first step. Motivate your little one to help clean up meals with these fun, multi-layer scrubbers. The set of three sponges showcases silly, vintage-inspired breakfast shapes: pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

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