Seven interesting dates that are so much better than going to the pub – Low Calorie Diets Tips

A date at the pub will always be a staple as it allows you to relax with a drink, chat and get to know the person in front of you. But let’s face it, sometimes the conversation doesn’t flow straight, and if you always meet up at a bar, you only get to see one side of your love interest’s personality.

Mixing things up and participating in an activity that you both enjoy could ease the pressure and be fun while you get to know your date better.

Matchmaker, Dating Expert and Founder of Love Collective Global, Sarah Louise Ryan says: “A diverse selection of dates will undoubtedly show you different sides of a person’s personality, and since your experiences with them are different on each date, there’s almost a 360 degree view of what it could be like to spend time with them.”

And branching out might even increase your chances of finding love. Adds Ryan, “Hushing dates can spark a connection, which leads to emotional intimacy.”

We asked dating and relationship experts to suggest fun dates outside of the pub.

1. A tour

Architecture fans can enjoy a city tour (Alamy/PA)

In the dark times of lockdown, walking dates became the norm, but they can feel like an interview if you don’t click right away. A walking tour is a great way to spark conversation, fill awkward silences, and maybe even learn something new.

Ryan says, “If you’re interested in history or architecture, it can be a really fun thing to do a tour of your town or a new city and engage in conversations. When you focus on one activity, singles take the pressure off of dating and create an experience for themselves, whether the chemistry is there or not.”

2. A cooking class

How about a cooking class date? (Alamy/PA)

If you both like a certain type of food, taking a cooking class together could be a special date. Ryan says, “So many singles put pressure on themselves and the connection they want to feel that they forget to create an amazing experience.

“Something like a cooking class that is immersive and with other people will allow both parties to see how they connect and communicate with each other. Such an experience promotes engagement, fun, teamwork and joy of playing.”

3. Stargazing

Gazing at the stars together can open up new, interesting topics of conversation—and it can also be very budget-friendly, since gazing at the night sky is free. Add a picnic and maybe even a bottle of wine and you have a date to remember.

Rachel MacLynn, founder of matchmaking agency The Vida Consultancy, says: “What can be more romantic than a journey across the night sky? A stargazing experience can transport you to another time and place and allow you and your date to really focus on the two of you.”

4. Comedy Club

Tina Wilson, relationship expert and founder of dating app Wingman, suggests laughing together by going to a comedy club — and even participating if you’re feeling brave — because “it’s a great way to see if you have the same sense of humor”. .

She continues: “Open mic nights are fun, you can go out for a drink when you get down and if you’re both laughing at the same things it’s a great sign that you’re a good fit. Any activity that has a timed session is perfect as you can use the excuse that you have to go back to work or have a previous meeting to get there. If you had a great time, you can always grab a coffee afterwards and keep chatting.”

5. An escape room

If you want to see how your date reacts to pressure, everything you need to know about booking an escape room game — where you have a limited amount of time to solve puzzles, discover clues, or complete tasks to unlock the door — is important have to.

Wilson says, “This is where you should work together and can provide great insight into whether someone is too bossy for you or taking the lead while still listening to your ideas, and it’s another great insight into your potential long-term dating prospects.” .”

6. Climbing or skating

Skating together can cause a surge in feel-good hormones (Alamy/PA)

An “adrenaline-fueled” date like rock climbing or ice skating gets the heart racing and the blood pumping, says Wilson. “This can create a feeling of excitement and subconsciously make you feel like the person who is with you is making you feel that way, which can help the sparks fly.

“Dates like these also help you make eye contact and encourage tactile behaviors (such as on the arm, back, or hand), which can lead to increases in feel-good hormones. The hormones are key to finding someone attractive, so these types of dates help love.”

7. Attend a pottery class or kiln room

A pottery class date could be fun (Alamy/PA)

There are many affordable courses across the country aimed at beginners, and it’s an activity that will get you talking and probably laughing.

“Some of the best dates come when two people take part in an activity they’ve never tried before because the novelty lends itself to a form of teamwork. It strengthens the bond between them,” says MacLynn. “Having fun also increases the feel-good hormones that help make you feel close, a great foundation for any relationship.”

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