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BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (ENQUIRER/WXIX) — The Lakota Local School District released photos taken by a school board member during an unscheduled stop at two schools, a visit that led to a trespassing charge.

Photos received by our media partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer were taken in May by Lakota School Board member Darbi Boddy.

The dozens of images vary in context from civil rights projects undertaken by the children to messages meaning everyone in the building or classroom is accepted, as the photos show. Some seem to be projects that only have a rainbow colored theme.

After taking these pictures at two different schools in the district, Boddy received a trespassing charge.

Boddy said in a Facebook post she hadn’t sneaked into the schools and those visits were no secret.

FOX19 NOW reached out to Boddy with some questions about the photos.

Below is her full-length answer:

The Lakota Local School District issued a statement stating:

The photos were reportedly taken on May 4, according to the Enquirer.

A few days after the photos were allegedly taken, Boddy appeared at a school board meeting, where she said she would not be resigning.

An online petition also circulated earlier this year to censure Boddy “for her continued disrespect and aggression” toward District Superintendent Matt Miller. The petition accuses Boddy of “repeatedly attacking” Miller’s integrity and acting in a way that “undermines[s] confidence in district leadership at board level.”

>> ‘I will not resign:’ Lakota School Board member defiant after controversy, criticism <

An incident in late April followed after Boddy made a Facebook post largely about critical race theory. Boddy ran for school board on a platform against CRT.

In the Facebook post, Boddy urged the school board to slow down hiring an outside company, ostensibly to investigate whether CRT exists in Lakota schools. She declined to hire the company without the board ensuring that both board members and the company understand what CRT actually is.

Boddy read the following statement aloud at Monday’s board meeting:

“I would like to publicly thank the parents and community members who have asked me to stand firm on what they see as political attacks and to remember that a desire for accountability and transparency is a mortal sin for most those in power and certainly for status.” quo is .

“I will not step down and continue to explore the issues behind my choice. CRT is alive and well in Lakota programs and teachings.

“I will propose meaningful community conversations to define and demystify the philosophy, uncover its tenets and associated programs, programs and teachings designed to ensure CRT permeates every aspect of a child’s upbringing.”

School boards in Ohio do not have the authority to remove any of their fellow board members from the board.

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