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Every year at this time I look forward to my garden anew. It’s June! Buds are popping, leaves are unfurling, the sun is shining (hopefully), the rain is falling (gently) and I basically want to spend all my time digging in the dirt, admiring flowers and reading in the hammock. I’ve recently moved to a new place with lots of gardening potential, and it’s making me dream extra big this year. I make plant lists, yes, but also planters and pots, fun lights and stepping stones, bird baths and whimsical garden statues. You know what I mean.

Here are some of the most adorable gardening items I’ve come across. Yes, I want to fill book-shaped planters with tendrils of flowers. Yes, I want to litter my garden with silly little statues of dragons and gnomes and reading animals. Yes, I love the idea of ​​pictures of my favorite books peeking out from moss-covered rocks. If you dream of a beautiful garden that announces your love of books (and makes the perfect outdoor reading nook), this list is for you.

I know not everyone has access to large gardens, so I included all sorts of items. Some (like DIY garden bed plans) only work if you have a lot of space. But many of the smaller items will be just as delightful on your porch or balcony garden, or even on your kitchen windowsill next to a potted herb. You don’t have to have a large yard to enjoy a book garden – you can bring the book garden indoors!

This charming library planter would look perfect in any garden, patio or deck. You can customize it by choosing the colors, what quotes you want on the spines, and how many books you want in the stack. $40+

A small pot decorated with pages of text from an old book and a border of twine wrapped around the top rim.

Add a little whimsy to your garden with this indoor/outdoor pot decorated with old book pages. It is particularly well suited to small spaces or porch or balcony gardens. $20

Four bookmarks illustrated with bookshelves stacked with books with empty spines and small plants.  Behind the bookmarks is a small planter filled with soil and a torn bookmark.

How cute are these multipurpose bookmarks? Use them to mark your place in your current reading, then plant them in your garden! The paper is covered with wildflower seeds. $5 each or 4 for $16.

A small round green door is at the base of a small tree stump, surrounded by plants, mini-tools and baskets, and a tiny path made of small stones.

This tiny hobbit hole door (6″ x 6″) is perfect for a fairy garden or a children’s secret garden. Place it in front of a tree or in a shady corner and then let your imagination run wild. $35

A large flat rock painted to look like the cover of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is in a small piece of garden.

These garden stones are hand painted with the cover of any book – you can even send the artist a picture of the edition you want. I definitely envision a garden path full of rocks painted to look like my favorite books. $46

A small silver statue of a smiling dragon with an open book in its lap.

Add this cute dragon statue to your small garden or small collection of pots on your porch. This little dragon and his book are also perfect for indoor plants or flower boxes! $27

A green flag showing the quote below in big capital letters, a colorful pile of books and several cacti of different shapes and sizes.

Announce your love for books and things growing with this old school garden flag. Quote reads: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” $11+

A small silver statue of a gnome with a long beard and a pointed hat, sitting on a stack of books and holding another open book in his hands.

Every garden needs a gnome, right? Apparently. And what’s better than a gnome? A gnome who reads! This one is even sitting on a stack of books. $50

Two tiny statues of a green frog and a white mouse, both holding open books, sit on a bed of moss.

I don’t even have a mini fairy garden, and I’m having trouble resisting this tiny statue of two very happy looking frog and mouse friends. Mouse seems to be chatting away happily while Frog just wants to keep reading. $14

A tan doormat reading Not Now I Read, with an illustration of three books.

Don’t have a big garden? No problem: just place this bookworm doormat on your front step, add a pot with a succulent or two, and hey presto: bookworm garden! In addition, everyone who comes by knows immediately what it is about. $32+

Three large rectangular cedar raised beds stand on a driveway.

If you’re looking for a bigger DIY project, check out these downloadable cedar raised bed plans. Once you’ve built them, you can customize them however you like to create the literal raised beds of your dreams. $13

Now that you’ve filled your shopping cart with all those goodies for your garden, why not peruse a big stack of gardening books from the library? This comprehensive list of gardening books is a great place to start. If you are passionate about growing vegetables, these books will help you. And if you’re looking for urban gardening tips, check out these awesome urban gardening books!

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