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This year’s edition of Lightning In A Bottle proved to be the most dynamic yet, with a unifying community held together by a love of music and the arts.

There’s your ordinary music festival and then there’s a transformative experience that holds a slice of heaven for those looking to escape the shackles of reality for a weekend – and Lightning in a bottle does just that. The renowned festival returned to its Kern County place at Buena Vista Lake and brings the magic to the fore for its first post-COVID issue. Despite the struggles of recent years, the do LaB dedicated to creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who flock to the festival.

This was my first time visiting the new location, having only experienced the Bradley all terrain venue years before. Compared to the hills and valleys I’ve encountered before, I was pleased that this area has a more accessible walking area, with the stages and installations closer, even from the campsites. However, my stamina was tested by the force of the dust storms that graced us for the whole (all who visit Burning Man, greetings).

As we entered the venue, we were met with a familiar but heartwarming sight of decorated sports cars LIB boundlong reunion hugs and pumping bass that fills the air.

My camp and I arrived bright and early on Wednesday morning and were greeted by the triple digit heat as we waited in line at Will Call. The organization of the LIBers made sourcing tickets and setting up campgrounds a breeze as Misters would drop by with their water equipment to cool down all attendees. The temperature was high, but the spirit of the community was also looking forward to the upcoming celebrations. “Happy LIB‘ became a resounding salute, making it more of a celebration of life than a mere gathering.

What surprised me compared to previous years was the massive attendance for 2022 – the smaller size of the venue squeezed the crowds together which was a bit overwhelming at first. However, making and making new friends became much easier when disconnecting from the electronic world. I was also pleased to see the presence of harm reduction groups DanceSafe to keep an eye on the safety of the participants.

Another innovation at LIB was the cashless bracelet currency system. I found it handy that I could leave my wallet at my camp without worrying about losing it right off the bat – but it also made it a bit too easy for my bank account to cover expenses at the festival. Going forward, it would be great if all types of payments were accepted to encourage diverse acceptance of different currencies, including those choosing to move away from the e-payment lifestyle.

Flash in a bottle 2022
Photo credit: Six Degrees Creative

The unique part of Lightning in a Bottle is its structure, which gives you the feeling of being transported to small worlds without the need for mind-altering substances.

Each participant’s inner child will be met with the wacky yet artistically entertaining Easter eggs that will be planted around the grounds. Trade your clothes for a cucumber Frick Frack Blackjackenjoy the burlesque opera at Unicorn Palaceor enjoy a cross-genre musical symphony at Grand Artique. Some of my favorite discoveries were the black light stage, outfitted with self-painted objects, and a nine-piece band playing a mix of house, funk, and hip-hop simultaneously (including random LIBERs in the crowd).

Whether you’ve spent the day attending a Sexy Salads cooking class or bathing in the waves LSDREAM‘s Lightcode sound baththere was always something to discover and experience apart from the music. I enjoyed taking a painting class at the Artclave by artist and painter Atlas, who was teaching a class at 10 a.m. to a full house of potential artists. It was a great way to make some important memories and escape the camp heat!

It was refreshing to see the Do LaB incorporating its beloved art installations while adding new ones.

Honorable mentions include the Playa Rélampago stage, which was a sanctuary for dancehall and reggaeton sets, as well as salsa and bachata dance classes, and the updated one memory palace with harm reduction and consent workshops. This year also featured a creative selection of merch, including favorites like Third eye pinecone and Kritter Clipswith newcomers like the famous one Disco Lemonade and Jewelz by Jewelia.

Flash in a bottle 2022
Photo credit: Six Degrees Creative

As the weekend began, more LIBER filled the camping areas and gathered to let loose and relax at the lakefront Desert Hearts party.

At sunset, the annual LIB welcome wolf howl could be heard while art cars honked their horns in unison. My crew and I danced the first music night in the heavily upgraded woogie Stage, with elevated structures and palm trees having a light show to the music. Jon Hopkins put on a beautiful progressive style set that brought people to tears. I came back on Saturday to experience that four tets brings to its stunning performance.

That thunder Stage was another favorite meeting place for my crew and I. The unusual but diverse music program included reggae legends Coffee and the unforgettable G Jones b2b Eprom set on Friday. I also witnessed a massive dust storm Khiva dropped “swamp monster‘ which was fitting, to say the least. This stage has also graced acts like Megan Hamilton, Of The trees, LSDREAMand the Opiuo Sunday sunset, all of which were unforgettable.

Flash in a bottle 2022
Photo credit: Six Degrees Creative

I spent most of my time being on stage at The Stacks as I crouched and danced through 30 mph winds, sequined coats and giant creature-like art cars.

Formerly known as the Pagoda, this area has hosted some of the up-and-coming names in electronic music on the scene. Of melodies from bass dons like Dalek One, Saka, Beat Kittyand Leet takes over the decks at the weekend. The stacks There were also many surprise guest sets, including a treat from home The glitch mob play all their classics and a surprise Saber & Stray Looks – Ivy Labs drum and bass personality to close the festival. It was a moving experience to see so many talents from all over the country gather in this corner of the festival and play absolute art on a huge sound system.

While The Stacks was packed with visitors all weekend, it was disappointing to find out that none of the artists were paid to play after the dust settled. To hell and others have spoken about it Twitterso hopefully this will be addressed by the Do LaB and SoundXperiment in the future as they deserve to be treated just as fairly as others in the lineup.

The biggest acts took everyone’s breath away with the immersive production and breathtaking tunes on the massive Lightning stage.

Despite a denser crowd, this stage had enough space to boogi at will while still feeling the community vibe. Behaves like Purity Ring, SG Lewis, Kaytranadaand the honorable mention GRIZ with the pyrotechnics ending with a bang every night. The party didn’t stop until dawn, however, as renegade sets popped up throughout the site, keeping the energy pumping. LIB isn’t over until people say it!

Flash in a bottle 2022
Photo credit: Six Degrees Creative

Although my experience was great, there is still room for improvement to improve it for future editions.

Public concerns included the lack of basic necessities available every five days, including the sparse number of clean bathrooms in certain areas of the campground and long waits for ice pack refills. The dust was also more intense than expected for attendees, with the occasional EZ-Up blowing into the air – please make sure to stake out your shadow structures, folks! That being said, I have no doubt that the Do LaB has participants in mind and will continue to improve next year.

This year’s edition of the festival was magical and I can’t wait to return in the future.

Lightning In A Bottle is a gigantic world in a compact size where dreams can be experienced in this plane of existence where bamboo grows out of the dust and you come and go as a completely different person. After such an otherworldly weekend, I hope everyone who attended found their Blitz to keep in their full bottle. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for everyone who chooses to sing, dance and let go of their worries at LIB.

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