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June 06, 2022 15:29 IS

New Delhi [India]June 6 (ANI/SRV): Our environment provides a valuable habitat for life on Earth.
But our richest resources are quickly being depleted, resulting in scarcity of the most basic necessities of life like fresh air, water and natural resources.
On this World Environment Day, Select CITYWALK uses the medium of art and themed decoration to conduct a social experiment that reveals to us the harsh reality of a faltering world where our basic resources will soon be luxuries.
Inviting visitors to walk through a sensory experience that utilizes multiple mediums from visual and auditory to engaging and interactive is an attempt to remind us of the precious nature of the ecosystem in which our species currently lives.
The exclusive Environment Day decor in the central atrium of Select CITYWALK from 30 May to 7 June 2022 features four interpretations of our planet being affected by the impacts of climate change on Earth, including plant and animal life that has suffered immensely for the greed and selfishness of man.
Each installation portrays the earth affected by the many strife caused by human agency, rapid industrialization and neglect. The beautiful blue-green planet is being turned into a gasping mass by plastic overuse, while another installation shows us how nature’s colorful hues turn black as pollution inundates our seas and skies.
A third shows the gold and silver of days and nights turning a fiery red with global warming, and the fourth shows the greens and blues of enriched lands and open skies shaped by the endless cutting down of trees and killing of turn animals into rust.

There is also a special pop-up format featuring multiple media art installations celebrating all of the privileges we currently take for granted in life, from clean air and fresh water to animals, plants and birds. The week-long activity seeks to engage with audiences and underscores the critical need for a course correction for the continuity of life on the planet.
With items like “A Glass of Clean Water” or “A Glass of Fresh Air”, it also includes auditory recordings of nature sounds and birdsong. There is also an installation of endangered species that will soon become extinct unless urgent action is taken to save them.
#ActNow is the trumpet call that Select CITYWALK has taken on what we must do as the reality of this year’s theme for World Environment Day #OnlyOneEarth intrudes and reminds us of the need to live in harmony with nature.

As an initiative of this global day, this is a community project that encourages us to make sustainable choices in our beloved ecosystem!
Commenting on the art exhibition, Gitanjali Singh, Vice President – ​​Marketing, Select Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. says, “We have used art as a medium to encourage dialogue and connect with our visitors, which is an urgent need for all of us to engage as a community for engage in the preservation of nature. Through our social experiment, we want to help people realize that our natural resources are also a luxury, so we should take care of them like our precious possessions. “
It was believed that nature would forever be intact as it has nurtured us thus far, so it was taken for granted. Select CITYWALK’s luxury art exhibition provokes the prospect of preserving the environment before it becomes a luxury for all of us that no one can afford.
Select CITYWALK is India’s most admired, upscale and responsible shopping mall. Select CITYWALK has carved a niche in the retail revolution for India’s discerning shoppers over the past 14 years. The leading mall has revolutionized the shopping scene in Delhi NCR by establishing a new lifestyle and shopping milestones for its customers. Most international brands launched or made their Indian debut through Select CITYWALK.
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The mall, ISO certified, audited and committed, is at the forefront of environmental stewardship, with zero waste and zero water discharge.
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