Israeli jeweler comes to Troy – Low Calorie Diets Tips

Rabbi Menachem Caytak of Chabad of Troy, who represents the local Jewish community, along with company director Barak Henis, placed mezuzos on all 10 doors of Diamonds Direct’s Troy office. (Diamonds Direct)

The 5,500 square foot showroom features new options for bridal jewelry and more.

A A brand new showroom in Troy adds more options for diamonds and jewelry in the Detroit area. With a pre-opening on May 2nd, Diamonds Direct’s sprawling 5,500 square foot Troy location at W. Big Beaver Road 1985 will be the 26th showroom to be opened by the jewelry company, which has strong ties to Israel.

Diamonds Direct was founded in Israel in the 1960s by Tel Aviv-based diamond manufacturer Alon Arabov. It eventually branched out into the United States, where the business had shipped diamonds.

The first US showroom opened in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1995 and since then Diamonds Direct has expanded its presence across America as one of the fastest growing direct-to-consumer diamond retailers.

Now Diamonds Direct is entering the Michigan market for the first time. The Troy location adds a new showroom to its expanding presence in the Midwest, which already includes Indiana, Ohio, Kansas and Missouri.

Diamonds Direct has a wide range of engagement rings.
Diamonds Direct has a wide range of engagement rings. diamonds direct
see potential in Michigan

“We saw the potential and the vision in it [Troy] Region,” said Niv Ankawa, Diamonds Direct Regional Vice President. “The goal is to open a large showroom and megastore in every state in the country. We have researched the market for the last three or four years and decided that opening the Troy location would be a no-brainer for us.”

Niv Ankawa
Niv Ankawa

Although Diamonds Direct is new to both Troy and Michigan, Ankawa says the company is excited to be in the area. “We look forward to being a big part of the Brldal business over in Troy,” he says.

The official grand opening for Diamonds Direct’s Troy location is set for August 25, when Ankawa says the showroom will be fully completed. The grand opening will be followed by a premiere event where Diamonds Direct will offer special prices and bring together designers from across the country to showcase their expanded lines of merchandise in the showroom.

No need for a middleman

What sets Diamonds Direct apart from the competition, Ankawa says, is that the jewelry giant mines its own diamonds, cuts them at facilities, and then ships them across the U.S. and to consumers. Her selection is also unprecedented, he adds.

“You can go into the showroom and look for a specific diamond,” Ankawa explains, “but you don’t have one option, you have five, six, seven, or eight options.”

Diamonds Direct also offers after-sales services including free jewelry care and a 110% upgrade policy. In addition, its business model eliminates the middleman, allowing the retailer to be involved in the entire diamond process. It ensures diamonds are also sourced ethically through the Kimberley Process, eliminating the conflict diamond trade.

The price point, Ankawa says, is also very competitive. “We have $500 to $1 million worth of items in the showroom,” he explains. According to Ankawa, Diamonds Direct works with all price ranges to serve a wide range of customers. “We are good for everyone”

Metro Detroiters have a new place to shop for jewelry at Diamonds Direct in Troy.
Metro Detroiters have a new place to shop for jewelry at Diamonds Direct in Troy.
Building Community Connections

The Troy showroom is owned and managed by Jennifer Alter, a Michigan native who has been in the jewelry business since she was 15 years old. Now, after 36 years in her career in the field, she says, “I’m thrilled to be bringing the Diamonds Direct concept to my hometown and to share everything I’ve learned and loved about the company with the community that counts.” I am so proud to call my home.”

Diamonds Direct also has plans to engage directly with the Troy and Metro Detroit communities. In partnership with the Diamonds Direct Foundation, established in 2004 to support local charities focused on women’s and children’s projects, the Troy showroom will be involved in various fundraising programs.

“We strongly believe in giving back to the community,” says Ankawa. Fundraising efforts include donating pieces of jewelry for live auctions, among other philanthropic programs.

As they continue to establish themselves in the Troy community, Ankawa looks forward to growing Diamonds Direct alongside other Metro Detroit businesses.

“We have found the right location,” he says, “in the right place.”

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