Samsung Electronics ushers in a new era of connected living with the updated Family Hub™ and global launch of SmartThings Home Life – Low Calorie Diets Tips

The global launch of SmartThings Home Life and the updated Family Hub connects users worldwide to an ecosystem of smart living solutions that expand their home life experience.

Samsung Electronics today announced the global launch of SmartThings Home Life, bringing a more holistic smart home experience to consumers worldwide. Samsung’s SmartThings Home Life, unveiled at this year’s Bespoke Home 2022, is set to launch in 97 countries later in June.

The service is a new addition to the SmartThings app1, 2 that provides centralized and integrated control over your Samsung appliances.3 Connecting the convenience of six SmartThings services (SmartThings Cooking, Energy, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Air Care and Home Care),4, 5 SmartThings Home Life enhances the quality of life at home and puts you in control, all from your smartphone. In the SmartThings app, simply tap the Life tab to navigate to SmartThings Home and unlock a new level of home connectivity. With 270 global partners and the ability to integrate with thousands of devices, SmartThings is currently used by nearly a quarter billion registered users.6 In addition, Samsung’s updated Family Hub™, available in July, is helping to expand the experience at home with its new AI features that simplify your daily routine.

“Our goal is to use connectivity between smart devices to enrich and streamline everyday routines,” said Chanwoo Park, Executive Vice President and Head of IoT Business Group of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “The global launch of SmartThings Home Life will expand our services and allow users everywhere to focus less on their daily tasks and more on living every moment.”

SmartThings Home Life offers smarter and more seamless experiences, integrating the following six SmartThings services.7

SmartThings Cooking

SmartThings Cooking8th is a cooking service that can do everything from finding recipes and automatically setting up appliances to managing shopping lists and preserving food.9 Powered by Whisk’s food AI, SmartThings Cooking recommends personalized recipes and meal plans based on users’ tastes, dietary needs and existing foods. Whether users are thawing frozen meat with a barcode or shopping for groceries through the Whisk network,10 SmartThings Cooking communicates directly with all Samsung smart kitchen appliances,11 such as Family Hub, stoves, ovens and hobs for a seamless cooking experience.

SmartThings Energy

Supports virtually all products12 In all kitchen, living and laundry areas, SmartThings Energy enables users to take control of their energy consumption by providing real-time information on where and how energy is being used in the home. By analyzing the energy consumption of appliances and devices connected to the SmartThings platform, SmartThings Energy reports monthly electricity consumption and forecasts future electricity consumption using AI. Thanks to the AI ​​saving mode13 SmartThings Energy also automatically turns on power saving mode on connected home devices, helping to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. The New Custom AI Washer and Dryer14 will soon be added to the SmartThings Energy lineup of devices in the second half of this year, before expanding to even more connected devices in your home. Samsung’s Zero Energy Home pilot, developed in partnership with Q-CELLS to empower homes to become energy self-sufficient, is set to install the Zero Energy Home system in 30 homes in the ongoing Etopia project in the near future. In the future, the program will expand to implement the system in even more homes by combining the power of SmartThings Energy solutions with Q CELLS solar panel and energy storage systems.

SmartThings Garment Care

SmartThings Clothing Care connects all your clothing care devices, such as B. the Bespoke Dryer, the Bespoke AirDresser and the Bespoke ShoeDresserfifteen and all AI washing machines to offer optimal clothing management with services tailored to your lifestyle. The service offers tailored care options based on the material types of your garments. In addition, SmartThings Clothing Care provides practical AI recommendations based on usage patterns and the current season, reminding you to buy laundry supplies regularly to keep your clothes fresh and your laundry room stocked.16

SmartThings pet care

Now pet owners can rejoice in the fact that they can take care of their furry friends even when they are away from home. When a pet is home alone, SmartThings Pet Care will automatically play music or TV shows.17 to offer them a feeling of security and safety. You can even keep an eye on your pets18 remotely by accessing the smart camera of your customized Jet Bot AI+. Additionally, by adjusting settings on devices like lights, air conditioners, air purifiers, and more, you can make your home more comfortable and safer for your pet while you’re away.

SmartThings air care

SmartThings air care19 keeps you up to date with important information about the air quality inside and outside your home. Now you can enjoy air quality monitoring and purification in one place as it provides centralized control of your custom air conditioner and air purifier20 and more.21 With SmartThings Air Care, you can breathe easy knowing the air at home is fresh and clean.

SmartThings home care

SmartThings Home Care monitors all connected Samsung home devices, including bespoke devices, by checking their status and usage patterns, providing information about accessories and enabling convenient online purchases. This service sends notifications and guides users based on the collected usage data on regular maintenance tasks, e.g. B. to clean each device and to replace certain components. By letting SmartThings take care of your home, you can troubleshoot home appliance problems on your own, without having to rely on a handyman for simple tasks.

family center

Since its launch in 2016, the Family Hub has been continuously updated to bring Samsung refrigerator users the latest connected experiences, transforming refrigerators into communication and entertainment hubs for the kitchen. In addition, the Family Hub also serves as a home controller for the SmartThings app. In its latest update, rolling out in July, Family Hub’s new features offer even more entertainment, smart features and connectivity with the kitchen. For example Smart Reorders22 helps consumers order and replace water filters easily. Users can be entertained while cooking, like the Samsung TV Plus23 The app allows users to enjoy a variety of live TV programs including news, music, kids and food channels. Atelier allows households to decorate their kitchens and fridge screens with stunning artworks, while the Dual AI Voice Assistant gives consumers access to Amazon’s Alexa capabilities24 and Samsung’s Bixby on a single device. Family Hub’s enhanced food detection technology25 enables better food and drink identification and management, and Smart Recipes empowers Bespoke users at home to prepare delicious meals with easy-to-follow instructions.

For more information about SmartThings Home Life in your country, visit and Samsung Newsroom.

1 The SmartThings app must be installed and connected to devices to use its features. Application requirements may vary by device. Available for download on Google Play Store or App Store. The app is compatible with Android 8.0 (RAM 2GB or more) and above/iOS 13.0 and above.
2 Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required for proper use.
3 Supported SmartThings features and services may vary depending on connected devices.
4 Services must be installed in the SmartThings app to access them.
5 Applicable models may vary by country.
6 Based on current figures as of June 2022.
7 The availability of the six SmartThings Home Life services and content may vary by country and region.
8th This feature is only available on selected models, which may vary by country. The “Cooking” service must be preinstalled on your SmartThings app for this feature to work.
9 Recipes and services available for each region may vary.
10 Availability depends on the country.
11 This function can only be implemented in selected models.
12 Applies only to products with Wi-Fi connectivity.
13 AI Saving Mode is only available on select 2022 washing machine models.
14 Bespoke washing machines and dryers with AI economy mode will be launched in July for European markets.
fifteen ShoeDresser is currently available in Korea.
16 US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain: Users can manage laundry supplies and make purchases through Alexa Smart Reorder. In other countries, users can manage laundry supplies with Clothing Care.
17 Requires TV or music app pairing.
18 The object detection function only applies to pets. This function can be affected by the environment.
19 SmartThings Air Care is currently available in the US and Korea.
20 SmartThings Air Care is only available for custom air conditioners in Korea and custom air purifiers in USA and Korea.
21 The supported products include the air conditioner, air purifier, air monitor, system air conditioner and smart hood.
22 Smart Reorders is only available to Amazon Prime users living in the US.
23 Samsung TV Plus is only available in Korea and the United States.
24 Amazon Alexa compatibility is currently available in the US and Canada since Q2 2022 and will roll out in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and India in Q3 2022.
25 Enhanced food detection technology is only available in Korea and the US.

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