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Tomato cages are key to your garden if you want to grow an abundance of ripe, juicy, red tomatoes. These support systems help tomato plants grow upwards and keep the fruit off the ground and garden pests or rot in wet soil.

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Tomato cages can give the plants the greatest chance of survival and the greatest chance of producing a large crop of sweet and delicious tomatoes in your garden or on your balcony.

Here are 10 of the best tomato cages we could find to help your garden thrive.

1. Modern and Uniquely Shaped: Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cage

The Gardeners Supply Company Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cage Plant Support.

This modern looking tomato cage is unlike many others with a uniquely shaped trellis design that looks like something straight out of an art museum.

The cage measures 18 inches in diameter – ample for supporting established plants – but is best suited for use with compact tomato plant varieties such as cherry tomatoes.

The frame is made of rustproof aluminum that folds neatly for easy storage at the end of the season.

Get the Gardener’s Vertex Lifetime Tomato Cage at Amazon for $55

2. Tried and tested: round tomato cages made from galvanized steel wire

The 33 inch galvanized steel wire tomato cage

A round galvanized steel tomato cage is a tried and tested option for growing. The heavy-duty support system is also one of the most affordable options for tomato cages.

These are reusable from season to season (and you can even put leaves on them at Halloween to make fun ghosts in your front yard).

A cylindrical cage is easy to use for gardeners of any skill level as it is simply centered around the plant and pushed into the ground. The cages come in a variety of sizes including 33″, 42″ and 54″ sizes.

Get Lowe’s 33-inch galvanized steel wire tomato cage for $3

3. Tall and Shape-Shifting: Growneer Tomato Cage Trellis

The Growneer tomato cage grid.

A pack of vertical tomato trellis is a space-saving support system that can grow up to 51 inches depending on your needs.

These supports can be placed in a large pot on your balcony (or in a raised bed if you have space in the garden).

You can build the trellis in a variety of shapes and the stakes are made from a durable steel core covered in heavy duty plastic.

Get the Growneer Tomato Cage Trellis (3-pack) at Amazon for $30

4. Handy and easy to handle: Hydrofarm Tomato Trellis Tower on wheels

The Hydrofarm Tomato trellis tower on wheels.

Hydrofarm’s 10-gallon tomato planting system on wheels is on-the-go for the gardener.

The 4-foot trellis system is made from a sturdy plastic that helps support the weight of the vines, which can be helpful for taller tomato varieties like Bush.

The system is self-watering, meaning you only need to top up the reservoir occasionally, while your plants do the rest.

Get the Hydrofarm 10 Gallon Tomato Trellis Tower on Wheels at Amazon for $113

5. Colorful: Easley Tomato Plant Support Set

The emerald green Easley 5 piece plant support.

Add a pop of color to your tomato garden with these colorful tomato cage options. The cage sets come in a variety of bold and muted color options such as red, green, yellow and blue.

The metal supports are available in two sizes, 42″ and 52″ and are weather, chip and fade resistant.

Pick up Wayfair’s Easley Tomato Plant Support Set (5-pack) for $52

6. Old School: Growsun Garden Stakes

The Growsun 4 foot garden stakes.

Some gardeners prefer to use tomato stakes to support growing plants and tie them together with rags or twine.

If you’re a fan of the classics, consider this pack of plastic garden stakes to use not only for your tomatoes but also for runner beans, cucumbers or anything else in your garden that needs a lift. The core is finished in steel and plastic coated for a long lasting tomato support system.

Get the Growsun Garden Stakes on Amazon for $29

7. HEAVY DUTY: Gardeners Supply Company Lifetime Tomato Cages Plant Stand

The Gardener's Supply Company Lifetime Tomato Cage Plant Stand.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, quality tomato cage to grow a large garden, these Gardeners Supply tomato cage plant stands will provide you with plenty of support.

The cages are best used in small gardens and raised beds and can be assembled into a large growing system.

The 8-inch-wide frame is made from weather-resistant powder-coated steel that can withstand high winds and rain, and is available in red or green.

Get the Gardeners Supply Company Lifetime Tomato Cages Plant Stand (4-pack) at Amazon for $65

8. Big and Mighty: Hydrofarm 3-Foot Tomato Tree Tower

The Hydrofarm 3 foot tomato tree tower.

Grow your own tomato tree with this all-in-one growing system.

The three foot tall tree tower comes with a square base, a planter, three support rings and three connecting bars. You don’t need any tools to assemble the tower – everything snaps together.

There is a connector at the bottom for easy watering, and you can adjust the size as the plant grows for foolproof gardening.

Get Hydrofarm’s 3-Foot Tomato Tree Tower on Amazon for $31

9. Small for pots: Cambaverd 16-inch bamboo trellis

The Cambaverd 16 inch bamboo trellis.

For tomato plants in small pots, a 16-inch trellis can provide stability.

This 3-pack of trellises are made of bamboo and are designed to help the plant climb for optimal growth.

A 100 pack of zip ties are included and can be used to secure tomato vines to the trellis.

Get the Cambaverd 16-inch bamboo trellis at Amazon for $20

10. Refined and decorative: Best Choice Products 48-inch wooden planter and trellis

The Best Choice Products 48

Grow tomatoes and brighten up your garden decor with this beautiful wooden planter and trellis combination. Planter is 10″ deep which allows plenty of room to fill with soil and plants, with drainage holes on the bottom.

The 38 inch trellis has a diamond trellis design that is ideal for climbing plants such as tomatoes.

It comes with four lockable wheels that attach to the base for easy mobility. Or place the planter directly on the ground.

Get the Best Choice Products 48 Inch Wooden Planter Box and Trellis at Amazon for $90

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