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For the dads out there who really don’t want anything for Father’s Day 2022 (coming soon Sunday June 19th), you can still make them feel valued with subscriptions, experiences, and perhaps best of all, edible gifts. Experiences provide an irreplaceable memory, a gift that always passes on. Whatever your father or father figure is interested in, you will undoubtedly find the perfect gift for him in this list.

Top Father’s Day gifts for fathers who don’t want anything

  1. Amazon Discover from $5
  2. Crowd Cow Gift Box starting at $35
  3. Amazon Audible Membership for $8 per month
  4. Walmart+ for $13 per month
  5. Home Chef Subscription from $9 per meal
  6. Uncommon Goods Cooking Experience from $30
  7. Chase a killer subscription fstarting at $99 for a 3-month subscription
  8. Gold Belly from $40
  9. Craft Beer Club for $47 a month
  10. Dollar Shave Club subscription from $1 per month (plus shipping)

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Did dad always want to learn to cook? Then we have options for cooking experiences below. Instead of a newly printed tie or the latest gadget, show dad some love with a stay at an Airbnb den or a subscription to a pasta club. These are gifts that dad will never forget and cherish!

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1. For the travel-obsessed dad: Amazon Explore

17 Gifts For Dads Who Want Nothing: Amazon Explore

Imagine your dad seeing ancient Rome in one day and getting up close and personal with wild animals in Costa Rica. With Amazon Explore, Dad can book live virtual experiences led by local experts. He can learn how to make tasty Argentinian empanadas in Buenos Aires or how to make Montreal-style bagels. This Father’s Day, dad can proudly say that he has traveled far with this gift.

Amazon Discover from $5

2. For the meat-loving dad: Crowd Cow

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: Crowd Cow

Burgers, steak, wings – if it’s meat, Dad will probably eat it. Make him the happiest carnivore this Father’s Day with a subscription to a meat delivery service like Crowd Cow. Reviewed has tested Crowd Cow and is obsessed with how convenient it is and how tasty and high quality all the meat is. One of the best parts is that Crowd Cow sources its products only from independent ranchers and farmers who raise their livestock in a sustainable and ethical way without added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

Crowd Cow Gift Box starting at $35

3. For the book nerd dad: Audible

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: Audible

If dad is a book and podcast nerd, gift him endless titles with Audible. He can curl up on a couch and listen to a thriller or a compelling biography. With an Audible membership, he gets access to thousands of audiobooks, exclusive originals and more.

Amazon Audible Membership for $8 per month

4. For the dad who values ​​his time: Subscription to Walmart+

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: Walmart+ subscription

Sometimes running to the grocery store with family or friends takes up valuable time, so give your dad some time back with Walmart+. With this subscription, he can get unlimited free deliveries from stores, fuel discounts, and access to tools that make shopping faster. He spends less time looking for chips in the right aisle and more time with his kids.

Walmart+ for $13 per month

5. For the secret cooking dad: Home Chef subscription

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: Home Chef

Does your dad need a quick meal that still tastes homemade and fresh? Then he will be delighted with a Home Chef subscription. With the option to include dietary preferences, he can customize recipes based on his preferences. Dad is given fresh ingredients needed to prepare meals designed by chefs. This Father’s Day, give him the gift of wowing everyone with roasted salmon and pickled ginger onion onion sauce or steak with porcini white wine sauce.

Home Chef Subscription from $9 per meal

6. For dad to try something new: Uncommon Goods cooking experience

17 Gifts For Dads Who Want Nothing: Uncommon Goods Experience

Cooking classes with Uncommon Goods won’t be your ordinary pizza or cookie recipes. Ruby red chocolate macaroons, spring onion pancakes or mixing hot sauces are just some of the courses you can find on this platform. Give your dad an experience where he can learn new skills and show them to his friends.

Uncommon Goods Cooking Experience from $30

7. For the Mystery Dad: Hunt a Killer Subscription

17 Gifts for Dads Who Want Nothing: Hunt a Killer Box

If Dad is a crime junkie and always watches long crime documentaries, then he’ll love Hunt a Killer. This unique subscription is an immersive crime thriller told through boxes full of clues. In each box, dad will receive instructions with items to help him play the role of detective and (hopefully) solve the mystery. This Father’s Day, give dad the gift of experiencing one of the crime episodes he loves to watch.

Hunt down a killer subscription starting at $99 for a 3 month subscription

8. For the Foodie Dad: Gold Belly Food Deliveries

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: gold belly

Goldbelly lets you give your dad this adorable blue shirt cake from We Take the Cake. Does your father have a strong fondness for BBQ? Then gift him Memphis-style ribs, which come with four plates, gravy, and a rub. Goldbelly even has a King Tider Steamer Pot stocked with condiments such as traditional seafood condiments or a combination of classic and Cajun. Your father’s belly will be satisfied!

Gold Belly from $40

Father’s Day 2022: Buyers Guide

9. For the dad who wants to grab a cold beer anytime: Craft Beer Club

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: Craft Beer Club

If your dad prefers to leave the brewing to the experts, consider a beer club membership like the Craft Beer Club, which finds the best beer from across the country and ships it right to your door. If dad is a beer lover he will be thrilled to join this club. There are 12 premium craft beers each month and a beer club newsletter detailing each bottle and what goes well with it. Dad becomes a beer expert in no time!

Craft Beer Club for $47 a month

10. For the dad who likes convenience, Dollar Shave Club

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: Dollar Shave Club

If he shaves regularly, here’s a gift he never knew he always wanted: a subscription to Dollar Shave Club, one of our most popular subscription boxes. It keeps him stocked with all the razors, creams and gels he needs for a fresh, smooth shave and delivered straight to his door.

Dollar Shave Club subscription from $1 per month (plus shipping)

11. For the dad who loves live experiences: concert or sports tickets from TicketCity

17 gifts for fathers who don't want anything: Ticketcity tickets

Did Dad want to see the Dodgers play at Dodger Stadium? Or see Elton John play live? With tickets from TicketCity you can make your dreams come true. This Father’s Day, give him the gift of attending a live event with a variety of tickets to choose from on the site.

Tickets at TicketCity (prices vary depending on the event)

12. For the dad with a favorite celebrity: cameo

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: cameo video

This gift will make dad feel like a starmet. A cameo video allows you to send dad a personalized video of his favorite celebrity. There are different categories such as The office, Disney or Game of Thrones. Brian Cox or Leslie Baker could talk to your dad on Father’s Day!

Cameo video from $1

13. For the dad who wants to become an expert: MasterClass subscription

17 Gifts For Dads Who Want Nothing: MasterClass

Dad can learn from the best with a MasterClass subscription. Always wanted to learn how to cook like a pro? Gordon Ramsay is there to help with his knives sharpened and ready. Or did dad always want to learn to write? Malcolm Gladwell is there with pen and paper by his side. Dad can learn from experts in their field via his computer screen!

MasterClass subscription for $15 per month

14. For the dad with a special interest in food: Cratejoy Gourmet Box

17 Gifts For Dads Who Want Nothing: Cratejoy

Cratejoy gourmet boxes are specially designed to express interests such as hot sauce, fitness or comics. It’s perfect for the dad who has certain tastes. From a monthly pasta club to a monthly raw honey club, there’s something for every dad. Give your dad a gourmet gift this Father’s Day!

Cratejoy gourmet boxes starting at $8

15. For the dad who loves a man cave: Airbnb Caves

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: Airbnb cave

Take the literal meaning of a man cave and give your dad something different than a standard hotel vacation. With a stay in an Airbnb cave, your father will have an unforgettable memory. Like this stay in France, it’s a charming cave house, an unusual and ancient place to live. Dad won’t want to return home with this gift!

Airbnb Cave from $50

Book any Airbnb

16. For the father who loves fight club: FightCamp package

17 gifts for dads who don't want anything: FightCamp pack

Sometimes dads don’t have time to fit a fitness routine into their schedule. With this personal FightCamp package he can train in the comfort of his own home. He gets a punch tracker, a stand bag, quick wraps, a bag ring, and premium boxing gloves. Make Dad feel like you’re there fight club this Father’s Day!

FightCamp Package starting at $200

17. For the dad who’s always wanted to brew his own beer: MoreBeer Making Kit

17 Gifts For Dads Who Want Nothing: Morebeer Home Brew Kit

This beer brewing kit has been hailed as literally everything you need and want to brew your first batch of beers. Dad will be able to make gallons of homemade beer to share with his buddies on a clear Sunday night. The kit includes a branded brew fermenter which is see through so you can see the fermentation activity. He won’t want to crack a beer out of the can again!

More Beer Making Kit starting at $150

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