Dealing with mental crises – Low Calorie Diets Tips

As the former Williamson County Mobile Outreach Team transitioned to assisting Round Rock residents, many have asked what the county is doing to provide services. We continue to partner with Bluebonnet Trails, our local mental health agency and community center for Region 5, and are expanding and expanding in eight counties, including Williamson. The focus is on providing services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, severe mental illness and substance use disorders.

While the media and politicians have blamed mental health crises for the recent shootings, many of those involved have no signs of a mental health crisis but are clearly not stable individuals. Williamson County strives to connect our citizens to the most appropriate treatment whenever possible in crisis situations.

The Bluebonnet Trails Mobile Crisis Outreach Team

The MCOT teams have previously worked with the county’s MOT group of social workers to provide on-site services and response to mental health crises in the county, including in the schools. This group is now conducting crisis assessments covering all but the city of Round Rock in this effort. Adults or children may be placed in recovery centers or referred for caseworkers and programs with Bluebonnet staff.

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