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How does a real estate company embrace new technology in the rapidly changing world and seek to expand the sectors in which it operates? An example is real estate development, where the focus is on creating value by making tangible improvements to properties.

to learn more digital journal spoke to David Štýbr, CEO of Livento Group (OTC Pink: NUGN). Štýbr focuses on real estate development and acquiring and developing companies with disruptive business models. This also includes the expansion into the film sector.

Digital Journal: Can you give a brief background on the Livento Group?

David Stebr: Livento Group is an organization specialized in identifying and acquiring companies and projects in high quality growth sectors. We are currently in two IPOs, continuously developing our own portfolio system for AI and machine learning and have founded our own film production company BOXO Productions. We recently went public through a reverse merger with NuGene International, Inc., ticker symbol NUGN, which has increased our access to the capital markets, created more financing options and more opportunities for expansion. Our ultimate goal is to be listed on the major global stock exchanges, allowing major investors around the world to participate in our projects. We have already started the uplisting process and hope to be trading on a major exchange by mid-2023.

DJ: Why did the company decide to launch BOXO Productions earlier this year? What does the subsidiary do?

Stýbr: In 2021 we were presented with an opportunity to create a Hollywood production company with a long standing team of directors, actors and legal counsel in the film and television industry. Given their combined track record of creating and packaging blockbuster films (like Ironman and The Irishmen) over the last 18 years and presenting our vision for the future, we decided the venture would be a hugely lucrative move.

The sales constancy established by the producers over a longer period of time gave this project a very high probability of success with little to no risk. Industry leaders Ara Keshishian, Martin Baran and Petr Jakl have proven themselves as an effective team and are known for working with legendary actors and Oscar winners. Our common goal is to produce high-quality content for target groups while minimizing investor risk. We have already compiled a list of film projects for this year and are in the process of launching our NUG token which will be hedged against film profits. This is a big step as we are presenting a cryptocurrency model that will be one of the safest investments in the industry. We have already outlined a three year plan to triple production each year and are on track to achieve that goal.

DJ: Can you discuss your first film project and office opening in Prague?

Stýbr: We currently have three films in production, two of which have already been announced. They are in different stages of production and feature all the top actors and directors. Our current roster includes legends and multiple Oscar winners like Robert de Niro, Michael Caine and John Malkovich. We expect our Hollywood films to gross $50 million to $100 million each in box office and home sales. In addition, we have already opened an office in Prague and plan to open another office in New York in the near future to expand our activities.

DJ: What are the latest trends you see in the entertainment industry? How does BOXO fit into this changing landscape?

Stýbr: The current market has clearly shifted towards home sales and movies-on-demand. You can see the shift in A-list players signing deals with Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ as it has become the new norm emerging from the pandemic. Home sales revenue has far exceeded traditional box office sales over the past five years as the price of watching a newly released film from the comfort of your own home is about double the price of going to a physical cinema.

We’re seeing more consumers choosing this option over traditional movie nights at the theater. According to analysts, this particular market is experiencing double the growth and is projected to grow exponentially in the short-term. The Motion Picture Association’s latest Theatrical and Home Entertainment Market Environment (THEME) report states that the global film and television market grew to US$328.2 billion in 2020, with residential subscriptions passing the one billion mark have exceeded. The global THEME, excluding pay TV, grew a staggering 24% in 2021.

BOXO delivers this content to direct sales on demand. The distributor sells the film to platforms in advance, which secures BOXO’s investment. We also noticed a significant and notable trend emerging from the pandemic. Consumer interest in international films and TV shows over local productions is increasing significantly. BOXO intends to capitalize on this trend by making premium content from around the world more accessible to every home.

DJ: As the CEO of a company focused on disruptive business models, what guidance do you have for entrepreneurs and leaders navigating today’s dynamic business environment?

Stýbr: I would say that today’s world is full of information coming our way every second. You have to focus on key trends and filter out the peripheral information to be effective. Distraction in this age of information overload can only be mitigated by focus and speed of execution. It takes that to win. As Henry Ford said, “Vision without execution is only hallucination.” I believe this axiom is particularly relevant in our time. Everyone sees new products, companies, visions, successes and failures almost in real-time, and to be successful one needs to focus on short, medium and long-term goals and create effective execution plans to achieve those goals on time.

Great visions must be broken down into measurable goals and executed with precision and speed, one at a time. You hear about black swans in the market or in life. They’re not that rare… anyone trying to build a business can tell you that!

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