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You’ve heard of students spending a semester abroad, but have you heard of adults spending a semester at sea? Semester at Sea is the perfect way for adventurous adults over 30 to explore the world.

This is not a vacation – this is travel. Semester at Sea is not a relaxing cruise, it is an opportunity to learn about communities from around the world as part of a diverse, multi-generational group.

Are you ready to open your world and make your life richer? Learn more about Semester at Sea below and how you can join others who are keen to learn and travel on the upcoming Fall 2022 voyage.

Semester at sea Ship docked at a port
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About semesters at sea

What is Semester at Sea?

Semester at Sea has been providing life-changing voyages for nearly 60 years. If experiencing personal growth while traveling the world sounds like you, then Semester at Sea is for you! It’s called Semester at Sea because the experience lasts up to 100 days and you travel with students earning college credits on board.

Journey in the Spotlight

If 100 days sounds like a lot to you, there is the option to board the ship for a single leg of the voyage. These voyages, known as Spotlight Voyages, generally last between 30 and 45 days.

No cruise

Although you travel by ship, Semester at Sea is not the same as a cruise. Think of it more as a floating university campus, complete with faculty, resident directors and a staff member dedicated to ensuring a great experience for lifelong learners.

See several sights

Exciting, educational itineraries include stops at once-in-a-lifetime attractions such as the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, a safari, the Panama Canal, the Amazon Rainforest, Pearl Harbor, the Galapagos Archipelago and more.

Semester at sea ship at sunset
Semester at Sea ship docked at sunset
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MV odyssey of the world

About the ship

At 590 feet, the MV odyssey of the world offers indoor and outdoor dining, a sun deck for group fitness activities, pools and 10 deck areas. It also has a theatre, auditorium, library, gym and spa where you can pamper yourself with a massage, haircut, pedicure or facial. There is a fine dining restaurant and bar/lounge area which is not open to students.

Staterooms range from single rooms to suites with inward and outward-facing windows. Most Lifelong Learner cabins have sea views and French balconies. There are also nine classrooms on board, as Semester at Sea is also a…

Semester At Sea group picture
Semester at sea group
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Floating college campus

Live, eat and learn with 550 students and 100 faculty and staff members and their families on a lake semester journey. In addition, 180 crew members from all over the world are on board. Lifelong learners typically live close to other adult passengers but interact with students in the dining halls, in the classroom, and in the port.


Lifelong Learning Program

Retirees, professionals and adventurous travelers over 30 are invited to learn with bright, enthusiastic students from around the world as part of Semester at Sea’s lifelong learning program. This means that you can study in the ports you will be visiting, take courses with students and go on excursions in the port with students and professors. Lifelong learners are also invited to mentor undergraduates and lead evening seminars in their area of ​​expertise. Do you have a family you don’t want to leave behind for so long? Sail as a lifelong learning family!

Semester at sea Lifelong learner sits with college student
Semester at Sea Lifelong learning with a college student
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Lifelong learners become lifelong friends

Amazing community

Many lifelong learners who come for the travel and educational experience are surprised by the amazing community they find on board. Making friends gets harder as you get older, but a semester at sea — with a diverse and diverse group of students, faculty and staff, as well as their families and other lifelong learners — gives you the opportunity to form strong bonds.

You never know who you’ll meet! Our CEO knows someone who met their spouse aboard a Semester at Sea ship. Whether you’re forming a relationship that will last a lifetime or just finding a travel partner, experiencing what the world has to offer with a group of people who also enjoy learning and exploring is the most rewarding part.

Solo travelers welcome

Because you can make friends on board, you don’t need a travel partner to join you for a semester at sea. Solo travelers can safely see the world with others and experience things they might not experience alone.

Single and double accommodation is available. And single occupancy doesn’t cost twice as much as some cruise lines.

A semester at sea is a great way to travel solo — you’ll have time to yourself, but you’ll also have a built-in community so you don’t feel lonely.

Extended family program

Lifelong learners are invited to “adopt” students into a small ship family as part of Semester at Sea’s extended family program. This not only eases students’ homesickness, but also passes life and career advice on to the next generation.

“Every day, almost every minute, there is an opportunity to learn, to listen, to interact… where else can you possibly get so much enrichment, education and experience all in one?”

— Stephanie Nowack, Scottsdale, AZ (Fall 2019 trip)

Submerged Learning

classes on board

As you can imagine, Semester at Sea’s academics are amazing with 30 full-time faculty members. Lifelong learners have access to enroll in a variety of courses offered in many majors. Topics include world religions, oceanography, comparative politics and public health. Available courses are announced prior to each trip. Lifelong learners typically sign up to attend two or three courses.

All take the Global Studies course. The course is taught daily at sea and covers the people, culture and geography of the places visited. All are also invited to participate in evening programs. These lectures include topics related to upcoming ports, current events, and faculty areas of expertise.

Semester At Sea Lifelong Learner plays drums
Semester by the sea Lifelong learner playing the drums
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Practical learning in the country

What better way to learn about the world than by immersing yourself in each country? Each semester at sea stops at 10-12 destinations, spending an average of 5 days in each port. You are welcome to explore each port country independently or join excursions with students, professors and trusted local experts.

An example of one of these faculty-led programs in the country is the Cheetah Outreach Project and Wine Tasting. Come face to face with majestic felines at the Cheetah Outreach project in Cape Town, which rescues and rehabilitates South African cheetahs.

Semesters at Sea Lifelong learners and college students play with an elephant
Semester by the Sea Lifelong learners and college students help bathe an elephant
(Image credit: Semester at Sea)

From exploring a Moroccan desert on camelback to learning how to prepare fresh pasta in an Italian cooking class, field programs give lifelong learners the opportunity to see, learn and experience more in each country. Field programs can last one day, several days or the entire port stay.

Each semester, the field office offers a catalog of a few hundred programs that you can browse and sign up for a few months before embarkation. Examples include everything from spending time with non-profit organizations in Ghana or an elephant conservatory in India, to hiking the Great Wall of China or spotting the ‘Big Five’ mammals on a South African safari. Volunteering and homestays are also available.

In the $25 to $3,000 range, there are a variety of field programs for different budgets and skill levels. On average, a traveler spends around $2,500 on field programs. Transport, accommodation and most meals are included.

Semester at Sea Fall 2022 Travel Map
Travel map autumn 2022
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Trip autumn 2022

Semester at Sea is embarking on its next voyage in just a few months, but there’s still time to register! The autumn 2022 journey begins on September 9th in Amsterdam. The 105-day journey will stop in 12 cities in 12 different countries on two continents. Explore Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, the Suez Canal, Jordan, Kenya and Mumbai before finally disembarking in Dubai on December 22nd. View the full itinerary here.

Fall 2022 Spotlight Travel

Section 1: 30 nights

  • Embarkation: Amsterdam, September 9th
  • Itinerary: Portugal, Morocco
  • Disembarkation: Spain, October 9th

Section 2: 32 nights

  • Embarkation: Croatia, October 16th
  • Itinerary: Greece, Cyprus, transit through the Suez Canal
  • Disembarkation: Jordan, November 17

Section 3: 25 nights

  • Embarkation: Kenya, November 27th
  • Itinerary: India
  • Disembark: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 22nd


The travel prices depend on the type of cabin and on double or single occupancy. A variety of cabin options are available, from single cabins to spacious options that can accommodate a family of four. Prices for double occupancy range from $19,950 to $35,950, while prices for single occupancy range from $24,950 to $53,925; A small price for an unforgettable, life-changing adventure! Here’s what’s included in the cost.

fine print

Here are some requirements to consider:

  • Full COVID Vaccination
  • Yellow fever vaccination (depending on itinerary)
  • examination
Semester At Sea group picture
Semester at sea group
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how to book

Apply now to participate in the Fall 2022 trip. Other upcoming trips include:

Learn more about becoming a lifelong learner here. You can also send an email [email protected] or call (800) 854-0195.

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