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Most food in Skyrim is easily overlooked, but garlic bread easily stands out as the best food in Skyrim because of its unique quirk.

Most groceries in there Skyrim feel largely interchangeable, but garlic bread is easily the most valuable of them all. While most groceries are pretty useless outside of Survival mode, Garlic Bread is great to have even in normal playthroughs. Almost every player can benefit from having a few loaves of bread handy for every situation.

in the Skyrim, Food items are generally only used in Survival mode, where they can satisfy the Dragonborn’s hunger. In normal play, their incredibly low healing ability makes them virtually useless in most situations. Potions that far exceed the healing potential of food are available from the start of the game, especially since alchemy is very strong Skyrim. Produce mostly in Skyrim sees more benefit in being sold to farmers for gold and friendship than actually being eaten. However, garlic bread is bucking the trend Skyrim‘s food is largely useless.


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Garlic Bread heals 1 point of damage when eaten, on par with most uncooked foods. However, it has a secondary effect that puts it well above all other foods in the game. Pure garlic bread Skyrim will cure all ailments the Dragonborn is currently suffering from and is one of the few methods available in the game to do this. This bonus effect makes Garlic Bread very valuable despite its low monetary value. Essentially, it’s a disease-curing potion that can be cooked through alchemy rather than brewed, easily making it one of those Skyrim‘s best cooking recipes available.

Garlic Bread is Skyrim’s most useful cooking recipe

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The other main ways to cure diseases are using a Cure Disease Potion or using a Shrine. The potion is just as useful as Garlic Bread, but it must either be bought for a reasonable amount of gold or brewed using some fairly rare ingredients. Meanwhile, shrines heal all diseases for free, but they may require abandoning a quest midway and making every effort to visit the shrine. On the other hand, garlic bread can be made with bread, garlic, and butter on any skewer. Bread and garlic can be bought easily, and while butter is quite rare Skyrim, a player with a home can periodically retrieve it from a churn. In addition, each time the player cooks it, the player gets two pieces of garlic bread, which increases convenience.

Although Garlic Bread has the ability to cure diseases it sounds random, but there is actually a solid basis for it in the game’s mechanics. in the Skyrim, Vampirism is counted as one of the game’s many diseases. In folklore, garlic has long been considered repellent to vampires. Vampirism is a disease in Skyrim, it makes sense that garlic has disease-healing properties. In fact, one could argue that garlic is one of the finest alchemical ingredients Skyrim, capable of buffing any status bar and providing poison resistance. Strangely, garlic does not cure diseases when used in alchemy, only when used to make Garlic Bread.

Garlic bread may only have a single advantage over other foods, but it’s enough to make it stand out. A cheap, easy way to cure diseases can be an absolute lifesaver, especially with so few other ways to do it in-game. in the Skyrimthere’s no question that garlic bread is the best food you can find.

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