Yellow leaves on split philodendrons – Low Calorie Diets Tips

I lived in Knox County for a time in the early 1980’s. My father loved my mother very much and did something unusual in the backyard. He built a greenhouse. The greenhouse wasn’t that big, so we did it as a hobby. All of us in our family had a talent for caring for plants and enjoyed our work, especially in winter.

What we found was that many people enjoyed the way we tend to plants. We would take cuttings and grow them into something that would become a focal point in any setting. One of the most exciting things we would do for some of our customers is have something in bloom all year round.

We have created spectacular backdrops at the entrances of a variety of buildings. In a foyer of a church we made a mini jungle backdrop. People gathered around these places in conversation and talked about God’s creation in the plants of this church.

Philodendron with split leaves

A philodendron vine, 60 feet6 long with leaves 3 feet high and 30 inches wide

Forked Philodendron or Monstera deliciosa is native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico and southern Panama. Our Central American native can be aggressive and has become an invasive plant species on a number of tropical islands. I want you to imagine that in the jungles of Central America. You can find these beautiful vines that grow up to 60 feet long. wow, right? The leaves can grow up to 3 feet tall and 30 inches wide.

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