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India is the third most polluted country (with an average PM2.5 concentration of 51.90) in the world and is slowly losing the concept of environmental protection even after all efforts are made. Even world economies are taking initiatives to preserve the environment, this is indeed the state of harmony that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Although most of us do not understand the importance of protecting the environment and constantly using natural resources for selfish purposes.

In view of the ever-increasing environmental degradation, World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th, with the basic motive of promoting environmental awareness and action to protect the environment.

Well, this year, JR Compliance – a leading provider of compliance services – has taken an immense step by planting more than 100 seedlings, including providing up to 50% discount on EPR permitting services – for environmental protection, whereby highlighting the theme of this World Environment Day, “One Earth Only.”

Their main motive for planting more than 100 seedlings and providing up to 50% towards the EPR permit (a month-long fair) is to nurture nature to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protection, with the focus on the theme of World Environment Day 2022. “Live sustainably in harmony with nature by making transformative changes—through policies and our choices—towards cleaner, greener lifestyles.”

But just one step, planting seedlings, won’t solve the major problems we face, like global warming. When we asked Mr. Rishikesh Mishra (CEO and Founder) how this move by him and his team will solve major environmental issues?

He provided an answer, something to remember or something to work on: “We understand that planting 100+ seedlings and providing up to 50% of the EPR permit for a month might not be considered a great thing by most people, but every little deed counts, a little effort can result in a gift and blessing that nature bestows on us. This means that environmental protection does not take place in a vacuum, but even if an individual takes a step towards environmental protection on our behalf, that would be our victory. Hence a safer lifestyle, a better environment and economic development.”

He added: “In order to protect the environment, everyone must understand that the natural resources belong to them and that their own resources are threatened with extinction. Although mere knowledge is not enough, we must act on it. We understand that while we can use all the resources we have to conserve our environment, we don’t have the authority to take action. So we thought about planting seedlings – an initiative to protect the environment.”

As the saying goes, good deeds start from home and JR Compliance has successfully taken an initiative to protect the environment and by starting this deed we believe this could really be an inspiration for everyone and if everyone does it, this could be a start of something greener.

With this in mind, JR Compliance, as the number one compliance service provider, really thinks like a market leader, as it is not just about taking a minor step, but ensuring compliance with regulations and laws issued by the Ministry of Environment. forest and climate change. In addition, the statutory organization Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) ensures whether or not these laws and regulations have been implemented, and JR Compliance has relentlessly provided unparalleled EPR authorization services (through proper coordination with the authorities concerned) for factories and industries that this is what the main polluters do.

JR Compliance’s idea of ​​“protecting the environment” by providing compliance services, including seedlings planting, reflects why they are the right choice to meet your compliance needs on an Indian and global scale. A compliance service provider that offers 200+ compliance services with a team of 100+ people while also focusing on the environment is truly fascinating.

Furthermore, this step they are taking will benefit the economy as a whole as the environment needs to be protected and preserved to sustain an economy. We would like to express our admiration to JR Compliance for actually taking an initiative to protect the environment.

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