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father’s day is this weekend and many of us will head to our respective outdoor areas to light the grill for our loved ones. Grilling for the uninitiated can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be.

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With the right planning and high-quality food and ingredients, you too can experience barbecue happiness. The most important thing is to have fun no matter what you do. You can achieve this by basking in the refreshing UV rays and throwing them on your skin favorite playlistopen a cool drink of your choice and take it all in.


Here are a few helpful tips before you embark on a BBQ trip. But of course these are just a few things to consider before and during the cooking process to ensure you cook successfully.

1. Go with what you know

For any type of entertainment, stick to the tried-and-true recipes that you know work—keep it simple in picking the right formula that’s fun for everyone. Don’t experiment too much.

2. Clean your grill

Clean your grill!

Start with a clean room. The best tool for this job is a metal brush at any large specialist dealer or hardware store. They are cheap and can last a long time. You can also use a rolled up piece of foil with tongs in a pinch. Follow this with a paper towel dipped in cooking oil. While you’re at it, clean the grates of any ash or grease buildup. A clean grill makes you happy.

3. Invest in a charcoal fireplace

Close-up of a person wearing gloves using a chimney starter on the grill

Invest in a chimney starter.

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For those who prefer charcoal; charcoal fireplaces are lifesavers. They do the entire process of starting the grill in 15 minutes or less. Fill the bottom of the chimney with newspapers or other junk mail that may be cluttering up your mailbox. Once you’ve crumbled enough to fill the base, pour your charcoal down the chimney. After that, use a long lighter or match to light your flame. The base flame comes into contact with charcoal. After about 10 minutes, with caution, the edges of the charcoal will appear ashen. Pour into the base of your grill and replace the top grill.

4. When using charcoal, always use more than you think

I’ve found over the years with my own grilling experiences that charcoal always burns faster than expected, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough to keep the grill hot so your food cooks to the desired effect.

5. Create different heat zones

Ideally, your grill will have two zones, one for direct heat and one for indirect heat. Indirect heat is the way to go when grilling fatty meats like chorizo ​​or pork belly. Different methods depend on using a gas grill versus charcoal. If using charcoal, set the charcoal to one side. If using a gas grill, only use half the burners.

6. Don’t mess with the food too much once it’s on the grill

Resist the urge to turn or squeeze the meat once you start grilling. Usually once or twice is acceptable.

7. Do not open the grill

Similarly, it’s best to keep your grill closed so you don’t disturb the cook. Additionally, an enclosed grill creates convection, which means more distributed heat for better cooking.

8. Invest in a meat thermometer

One person uses a meat thermometer to check skewers being cooked on the grill.

Use a meat thermometer.



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This is another cost-effective investment in ensuring your food reaches the exact temperature. meat thermometer usually cost around ten dollars and are convenient for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

9. Less is more when it comes to cooking times

The reality is that most foods continue to cook after they leave the grill. So if it seems a little undercooked, that’s okay; it will most likely exit after that.

10. Let it rest

This is the last step, but one of the most important. Allow your meat to rest afterward, for the reasons above and when cutting into your meat later. Most rest periods last between five and 15 minutes. Plan accordingly.

Some of my favorite recipes

My recommendations for some of the best carniceria and meat markets

Here are just a few of the high quality meat markets if you want to wow your guests.

El Centro Meat Market | 750 S Kern Avenue A, Los Angeles

Hottinger meat family | 5437 Chino Avenue, Chino

La Carniceria | Different places

Meat from Marcoda |The Farmers Market, 6333 W 3rd St Stall 514, Los Angeles

McCall’s Meat & Fish Co. |2117 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles

Orchards BBQ and Grill |16214 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier

Vera’s Market | 3667 Delta Avenue, Long Beach

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