Brits spend more than a week of their lives packing for the holiday – Low Calorie Diets Tips

HOLIDAYMAKERS spend more than a week of their lives packing their bags for vacation, according to research.

A survey of 2,000 travelers found that it takes a little longer on average
an hour and 40 minutes each trip to think about outfits and squeeze in the essentials.


Vacationers spend more than a week of their lives packing their bags for vacationPhoto credit: Stitch Fix

Aside from the travel restrictions of recent years, the
The average vacationer ventures twice a year – that’s the equivalent
126 trips over the course of her adult life.

But 32 percent admit they find packing stressful, and half don’t
until the very last minute.

The study was commissioned by online personal styling service Stitch
It is also clear that 68 percent have not been abroad since the beginning of the year
the pandemic, with 48 percent planning to dust off their bags
for a vacation abroad this summer.

Rich Simmons, head of the styling team, said: “It’s exciting that we’re able to do this
to pack our bags and jet off on vacation again.

I'm a flight attendant and passengers always make five stupid packing mistakes
I'm a flight attendant and we swear by a suitcase that NEVER breaks

“But it’s important not to get carried away with these pre-flights
Purchases; especially since our research shows that 45 percent of the
Vacationers buy items for their summer vacation but never wear them
that again.

“As with smart packaging, smart shopping is key. Eighty-one per
percent of the nation usually treat themselves to something new for one
Travel away and as this is our first free summer in
two years, it is not surprising that many of us are looking
something new.

“The key here is to invest in a few quality pieces that you absolutely love
Love so you can wear and restyle it over and over again throughout your life

The study also found that when travelers pack for a summer vacation
T-shirts, shorts and sandals are the most important suitcase clips.

Although 53 percent regularly pack items that are mostly unworn
sweaters, jeans and high heels.

More than half (56%) find that pre-planning outfits makes this easier
Pressure, while 56 percent make lists to avoid falling into the trap
of overpacking.

It also found that four in ten find Christmas shopping a challenge, and 31st
percent would prefer a stylist to take the reins.

Rich Simmons added, “Don’t ignore what’s already in your closet.

“Take the time to look through your clothes and you’re sure to find something
some summer staples you forgot.

“At Stitch Fix, our expert stylists focus on choosing items that are
tailored to your unique style while making sure they fit yours
existing wardrobe so we can help you match these revealed gems with
new, high-quality items that will leave you with a versatile holiday wardrobe
You will love wearing it over and over again.”

To help people really master their pre-holiday preparations,
Hassle free, Stitch Fix has called on the organization’s expertise
Expert Sophie Liard (@thefoldinglady) to share her top tips:


Start by writing down the events you need an outfit for – day by day
Excursions to pool days. This way you pack smarter and avoid it
overpack. Build your outfits one by one and arrange them in stacks – you
can even add special underwear to make it complete. When you’re done, add a
Tape it to each stack so you can see it’s ready to pack. You will
Find this process will give you ideas on how to combine yours
Clothing by creating multiple outfits from fewer main items.


They take up space so really think about what you need. my general
Rule is a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals. Remember to use
Shoe pockets – these keep any buckles or laces neat and tidy
Soles off your clothes. Make the most of the space in your
shoes too – use it to wrap socks and even jewelry.


Research shows that 56 percent fold their clothes when packing
only 29 percent prefer the rolling technique. The good news is zip
up bags are perfect for packing in neat and organized categories,
whatever you prefer. You can easily access and use your clothes
these also in the drawers of your accommodation – so nothing for you
no longer use up, is packed and ready for use.


The main factor that determines wrinkles is the material of the

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To test if it’s “wrinkled,” do the scrunch test – grab a bunch
of the garment and scrunch, hold for a few seconds, then release. Has
it buckled? My advice is to stay away from materials that don’t exist
the scrunch test, unless of course it’s linen, as everyone expects
this to deal with a crease or two.

Also remember to pack travel hangers so you can hang things up on arrival – they are
lightweight and folds small, so it takes up little space in your device

A survey of 2,000 travelers found that packing takes just over an hour and 40 minutes per trip on average


A survey of 2,000 travelers found that packing takes an average of just over an hour and 40 minutes per tripPhoto credit: Stitch Fix

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