Jewelry retailer Encinitas is asking the public for help in recovering stolen inventory – Low Calorie Diets Tips

ENCINITAS – A local jewelry seller is asking the public for help to locate missing stock stolen from her trailer on Melba Road in Encinitas last month.

Andrea Edington, owner of Compilations in Art, has been working from her trailer for decades, selling handmade jewelry at local bazaars and street fairs.

But Edington’s world was turned upside down at around 12:58 am on May 11 after thieves driving a gray or silver camper-shell pickup truck pulled away with a trailer filled with the small business owner’s jewelry and supplies.

The white cargo trailer, which was parked near Edington’s home, contained an array of approximately $143,000 worth of sterling silver rings, gemstone bracelets, earrings and gear. Edington’s trailer was discovered a week later – empty.

“It’s just devastating,” Edington told The Coast News. “It was really hard to put one foot in front of the other.”

The theft was caught on a ring security camera, but police were able to, according to Sgt. Detective George Crysler of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

Some of the many rings and jewelry stolen from Edington’s trailer in Encinitas last month. courtesy photo

Surveillance footage from the time of the theft showed grainy images of a truck driving past Edington’s home on Melba Road. Still, law enforcement could not identify details such as the suspect vehicle’s make, model, color or license plate number.

“We are combing footage of the surrounding surface roads and travel locations in the area to find relevant surveillance footage,” said Crysler. “We have issued a BOLO (be on the lookout) alert to our patrols if anything comes up regarding property related to her that has been sold over the internet or wherever. At the moment this is a suspended case due to a lack of evidence.”

Barring any additional information or video evidence, Crysler acknowledged the case will be difficult to solve and urged anyone with knowledge of the theft or stolen items to contact authorities immediately.

“[Edington’s homemade] Jewelry is unique,” ​​said Crystaller. “So anything you come across, anything you find offline online, anything that seems unusual – capture that with a picture or screenshot and let us know. It’s difficult at best to solve a case like this. Unfortunately, these things happen and the product and items will likely not stay in San Diego County.”

Andrea Edington sells her handmade jewelry.  courtesy photo
Andrea Edington sells her handmade jewelry. courtesy photo

Edington spoke about how the theft, which accounted for approximately 95% of the entire inventory, changed her life. Edington’s business had recently bounced back after years of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the theft, Edington was optimistic that she could finally be debt-free.

“I’m trying to look at the silver lining and count my blessings, but I’m out of business,” Edington said. “I’m speechless. I’m just so heartbroken by what has been taken. Starting from scratch is disheartening, not to mention all the countless hundreds of hours to get back up to speed. I don’t even have the back of mine yet Opened the trailer and went in. I know it’s going to be emotionally and financially traumatic.”

Edington asked the public for leads as to the whereabouts of the stolen inventory. Residents near the trailer urged them to check their security camera footage from 12:58 a.m. to 2 a.m. May 11 for potential sightings of the suspect’s vehicle, possibly a gray or silver Toyota Tundra or Ford F250 pickup , with her follower.

Edington also suggested locals check her Instagram account to compare suspicious jewelry being traded online with items reported stolen. A friend of Edington’s, Erika Chamberlin Carroll, put together a GoFundMe fundraiser that includes several images of Edington’s missing jewelry.

“I would be very blessed if people would consider contributing to this GoFundMe,” Edington said. “Someone out there must know something about what happened and if they would please step forward and do the right thing and help me get my business back I would be very grateful.”

In addition to contacting the sheriff’s station, those with information about the theft can also contact CrimeStoppers at 888-583-TIPS. CrimeStoppers is offering a reward for any information leading to the recovery of the stolen items.

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