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Maria Tash is the dark horse of fine jewellery. The body piercing pioneer, who brought ear piercing into the fine jewelry realm, is driving a next phase of expansion.

Tash, who founded her business in New York City in 1993 and now operates nine stores worldwide, continues to grow her business without outside investment. She has been able to achieve this with a rare balanced talent that is equal parts savvy businesswoman, forward-thinking designer and cultural forecaster.

This summer, Tash will open three more strategic store locations – aiming to operate between 15 and 20 global boutiques over the next few years.

“Look, we’re the best in the jewelry and watch world applied to body jewelry,” Tash said when asked about her company’s own popularity and the growing fine jewelry piercing category as a whole.

In late May, Tash opened her first Parisian boutique with a 600 square meter concession at Le Bon Marché, which is celebrating its grand opening with an event this week. The jeweler has a habit of opening up new global markets via shop-in-shops, which she has also tried out in London. The boutique is on the fashion floor of the Parisian department store, which Tash says is a sign of how far piercing has come.

“Le Bon Marché is a really wonderful department store that appeals to many locals. We did a pop up there before COVID[-19]. I knew for years that Paris was strong, generally people would visit New York and come to our store, so it was just a question of where to open.”

“The idea was, let’s start at Le Bon Marché. It’s a big city, we just decided that it would help us with some of the challenges of opening in France with labor laws and stuff like that. It’s good to be with Le Bon Marché, we’ve signed with them for a couple of years and we’ll take it one step at a time,” Tash said.

Exclusive pink and rose-purple diamond designs for Maria Tash’s Bal Harbor store.
Courtesy/Maria Tash

France joins four other countries where Tash operates outside the US, including the UK, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, the latter of which just welcomed a new Maria Tash boutique in its capital.

But pushing further into her home market, Tash will also be opening a store in Dallas this summer, as well as her largest store yet in Los Angeles — with both doors set to open sometime in July.

Dallas’ choice highlights Tash’s continued awareness of how luxury spending has shifted in the US as a result of the pandemic. Last year, noticing an influx of new wealth to Miami, she quickly opened a boutique at Bal Harbor Shops. Next on their agenda was Texas, another state that has seen a surge in new residents.

“A lot of people went to Florida, a lot of people went to Texas. Dallas is something we’ve been eyeing for a long time. We did a pop up there a few years ago before the pandemic. So we found a spot at the NorthPark Center across from Louis Vuitton — it’s a great location,” Tash said of the 3,175-square-foot space.

“I’m very ambitious and I’m very excited for the future,” added Tash. “I have planned many stores and need to do it intelligently and with proper funding. Every time I expand I train people on piercing and our computer system. I’m not going to expand anywhere that I don’t have staff and those skills.”

This leads Tash to her biggest retail project of the year — a 6,000-square-foot flagship store in Los Angeles that is expected to open soon at 8441 Melrose Place. It is Tash’s largest store and will showcase her most comprehensive retail concept.

With travertine walls, abstract sculptures inspired by her classic designs, six piercing rooms, a VIP elevator and piercing suites, and a rooftop event space, the store was designed to mark Tash’s arrival at the luxury establishment.

“We really pushed it, I thought LA ​​was a ripe city for piercings, but we did a pop-up there and it worked a lot better than we expected,” Tash said of the appetite for her brand there.

Tash estimates that the three stores combined will increase annual brand sales by 20 percent and increase the company’s overall piercing production by 50 percent. While Tash sells online, with about 15 percent of the company’s sales coming from its website, it will continue to sell through strategic wholesale partners. Tash employs 210 people worldwide.

Products are also high on Tash’s agenda, which began launching seasonal collections in 2020. “We have a new style flow. We’ve started hiring a few, which we haven’t done too often in the past. Now we want to release new stuff. We want to keep evolving – it’s about getting ideas out of my head and prioritizing what people love,” Tash said.

A new fall collection is expected to arrive in September, with a focus on designs under $500. These are offset by higher value products like the floating diamonds that Tash has become known for. Tash will also be introducing a couple of new piercings, similar to how she launched hidden piercing jewelry in 2020.

“We have a very strong fall collection coming out,” she said. “We’ve been working on this for a long time and there will be a lot of things that people haven’t seen before. Not everything will be so diamond-heavy.”


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