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  • Manpo’s Mystery Meat Dumpling
  • Yeon-style secret marinated specialty

Cooking isn’t just about buffs Lost Ark. In addition to the usual crafting elements, there are also cooking ingredients you need for each continent’s adventurer’s tome. These are recipes You must acquire and complete them either by finding hidden locations on the map or by buying them from different vendors.

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anika has some tricky ingredients to collect. You’ll need to find hidden locations in two of its dungeons, while two others will require you to get lucky as you process ingredients that you need to buy from shops – which can result in you spending tens of thousands of silver coins. But if you have the cash, we’ve got all the locations below.


Deer Hind Hooves Stew

Enter Rattan Hill via the Port City Changhun portal and enter north wolf valley. When you come to an intersection with a dead end on the left, you will find a mini boss Yorang. This big wolf has 28,000 health and is bringing some friends to the party, so be careful.

Just to the right of the path where you find it, opposite the path leading west, There are some markings on the floor. Examine them to collect a Deer hind hoof. Take the hoof with you Cook Sobin in which Changhun Inn, in the western part of the port city of Changhun. He will turn it into Deer Hind Hoof Stew for 1,400 silver coins.

Jeok clan miracle drug

Go northeast from the Triport of the Ascetic Temple and down the vines. Go north through the bamboo forest and take the second west turn towards the Training ground of the Jeok clan. Stay north of the path and go straight to the north corner of the area. above the northernmost building. There is a Car next to it – and behind it you will find the ‘Secret pill of the Jeok family‘. Just right-click this is your inventory to complete it Jeok clan miracle drug cooking supplies.

do you feel happy If yes, go to Grocer Chunling which is located on the west side of the port city of Changhun. You will find her standing outside the clinic, on the way to the portal of Rattan Hill. Talk to her and she will sell you Fortune Cookie Chests of 60 Silver Coins each (You must click on the “Ingredients” tab).

How many do you need to buy? Well it’s totally random. But you can “consume” 30 at once, so it’s wise to buy in that ratio. Most of the time you get an ‘Unlucky Fortune Cookie’ which is worthless. You may literally have to buy hundreds to get the Lucky Fortune Cookie you need. But once you have it, all you have to do is right-click to add it to your tome.

Manpo’s Mystery Meat Dumpling

you have to go Cooking ingredient merchant Kongbo to find the secret ingredient for this dumpling. His shop is north of the fishing spot in the southwest of the port city of Changhun. And the ingredients you need to buy from him are those 100 year old centipedewhat will cost you 6,000 silver coins – plus one old dumplingwhat another costs 3,000.

You must take these with you Cook Sobin, who is also in town. Just go to the kitchen at the back of the Changhun Inn in the northwest of the area. He will make you one Manpo’s Mystery Meat Dumpling for 1,400 silver coins.

Perfect sugar sculpture

Of the Center of the tournament arenaleave the south-west path and go to the shop of the cooking ingredients merchant Kongbo. It’s just northwest of the fishing spot. In it you will find that you a ‘sugar lump‘ to the 30 silver coins. But at this low price you might as well buy 30 at a time as you are relying on luck to make your sculpture.

Once you’ve bought some, right click on them in your inventory (you can do 30 at a time) to get one of these three results – a questionable, broken or perfect sugar sculpture. If you manage to get a Perfect One, right-click on it to add it to your Adventurer’s Tome.

Yeon-style secret marinated specialty

Portal to Around Yeon’s Barrier Triport in Rattan Hill and enter the dungeon to the east. Once inside, head north and then across the rooftops to the Lotus Pavilion. Just south of here you will come to an ornate round stone floor with a gold pattern just before you cross a small bridge.

To the left of the bridge, on the rocks by the waterfall is a big pot. Inside you will find the Sealed special sauce you need. Bring it along to Cook Sobin in the port city of Changhun 900 silver coinsto get yours Yeon-style secret marinated specialty.

Soup of Transcendence

trip to the Dark Edge dungeon in twilight fog. Once inside, work your way north and then west until the quest text changes to “Elimination the group of Corpse Soldiers.” Instead of going west, head east on the thin path as far as you can. At the end, You will see some papers on the floor. Examine them to discover them Legendary secret recipe.

Take this recipe with you Cook Sobin, which you can find at the back of Changhun Inn on the northwest side of the port city of Changhun. He will use it to create the Soup of Transcendence you need for 1,400 silver coins.

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