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Wayne State artists organized and performed a garden-themed fashion show at The Eastern in Detroit on Sunday.

The Botanic Gardens Fashion Show featured local fashion designers, vendors and local musicians in a night of entertainment and class.

Attendee Angel Jordan praised host, social media organizer Jalen Archer, for his engagement with the audience.

“I love how they (the organizers of the event) involved the audience and made us participate with the host,” Jordan said.

Viewers could take part in their best model walks across the stage and a Best Dressed in the Room contest where viewers could decide who was the best dressed in the audience. The winner got his own way onto the stage.

WSU students Janiya Hamblin and Shanel Chambers coordinated the show to showcase local people and fashion. The music was performed by WSU Senior Jeffrey Boykin, who plays saxophone, and other Detroit musicians.

The show opened at around 7pm with child models from the Taylor Lang Company – several girls wore tropical flowers with their dresses.

Chambers said she helped synchronize each model’s walk and performance to match the garden theme.

“As a model coordinator, I would just help them with their walks. . . . I made them look good,” Chambers said. “When I was coordinating the girls, I had to make sure they were doing more graceful walks because the theme is a little more graceful, so today their walks had to be a lot more graceful.”

The event featured over 10 food, clothing and cosmetics vendors, 12 designers ranging from crocheted outfits to swimsuits, and four special guest appearances.

Hamblin said she previously worked with most of the vendors at a fashion show. Most of the sellers were local and black-owned businesses, The South End reported.

“We decided to use designers and vendors who were part of our show — the WinterFest Fashion Show — which took place in January,” Hamblin said. “But we’ve also had other designers and vendors approach us who wanted to be part of the Botanic Gardens fashion show.”

Each brand had models wearing some of their garments. Each fashion line was followed by a presentation by the respective designer.

Chambers said she wanted this event to be a good experience for the models because she could teach them the basics of modeling during rehearsals.

“They will be able to go to other places and take with them what I taught them,” Chambers said.

Jordan was there to see her sister Jahnique Davis who was a model on the show. She said she saw more than she expected.

“It’s so inspiring to see all of these designers because they’re all so young and they’re always working toward their goals,” Jordan said. “Honestly, it inspires me to do more stuff like that because I crochet too and even one girl made crocheted clothes.”

There was a break in the middle of the event. After the break opened by Boykin, guest performances followed.

Boykin is a psychology major with a medical degree and has been playing the saxophone since fifth grade. The Botanical Gardens fashion show was his second appearance, his first being at the POISE fashion show at the student center in April.

Boykin said this performance gave him the opportunity to perform different interpretations of modern R&B hits.

“I play everything. I usually try to see who my audience is, so it’s mostly people in my age group, so I’m like, ‘Okay, I play some mainstream music,’ so there were very few that really stood out,” Boykin said. “Once I nail a song, I start taking my style and incorporating it. After my ear training, I’m completely with myself.”

Ear training is the perception of notes, harmonies, and other elements of music that a musician must practice in order to learn a song. Ear training for the fashion show took a few hours, Boykin said.

Despite having experience playing at an advanced level, Boykin said he’s still unsure of his talent.

“It’s surreal. I always doubt myself that I just like doing this,” Boykin said. “But when people give me reviews and say I was really good, that’s cool. I’m still skeptical, but even though I’m always in my head, I always try to do my best.”

The fashion show ended around 11:00 p.m., followed by a discussion with designers.

Hamblin said she was grateful that despite the hard work the runway show was a success for the contestants.

“I’m very pleased overall with the outcome and the overwhelming support I and my team have received through this show,” said Boykin. “It’s no easy feat to put on one of these, but I’m grateful to have the chance to be a part of bringing this community together.”

Shawntay Lewis is the Arts and Entertainment Editor at The South End. She can be reached at

Cover image provided by Shawntay Lewis.

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