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STATEN ISLAND, NY — When Nevaeh Smith, 15, was recovering from hip surgery to correct a mild deformity in the summer of 2020, she began making intricate jewelry that caught the attention of her friends and family.

With that in mind, the aspiring Michael J. Petrides School student teamed up with her mother, Jade Smith, 39, and the couple opened an Etsy shop aptly named Nevaeh’s Jewelry in December 2021.

Today the New Brighton based mother-daughter team have customers from across the country and even the UK who appreciate the variety of handmade necklaces, rings, bag charms, earrings, bracelets and anklets made from colorful beads and/or unique stones.

Nevaeh’s Jewelry is available on and at Lo’ Kel-Li Vendor’s Market, an area at Staten Island Mall in New Springville where small businesses can display and sell their wares. (Courtesy of Jade Smith)

“Our pieces are made in small batches; No more than 10 of any given style will ever be made. We use many beads in our craft and have created custom beads upon request. We dedicate care and attention to each and every piece and are always inspired by the latest fashion trends or just chatting and exchanging ideas,” said Jade Smith, a single mother, longtime advocate for people with disabilities and independent living specialist at the Staten Island Center for independent living.

And Smith said she couldn’t be prouder of her daughter’s entrepreneurial skills.

“Nevaeh is indeed an aspiring entrepreneur and is already getting great advice from fellow entrepreneurs on how to grow her business and make smart financial decisions,” she said.

Neveh's jewelry

Based in New Brighton, the mother-daughter team have clients from across the country and even the UK who are drawn to the variety of handcrafted necklaces, rings, bag charms, earrings, bracelets and anklets featuring colorful and/or unique beaded stones . (Courtesy of Jade Smith)

In addition to their Etsy shop, the mother and daughter are regular vendors at the Lo’ Kel-Li Vendor’s Market, a place on Staten Island Mall in New Springville where small businesses can display and sell their wares.


Jade Smith’s mother, Lori Smith, has survived two bouts of breast cancer. This strong female role model inspired the Smiths to start the company again. To honor this great inspiration in their lives, the Smiths present a new bracelet design every two months. And for the first two weeks of each month, they donate one to each patient at Staten Island University Hospital’s FLorina Rusi-Marke Comprehensive Breast Center from the proceeds of every bracelet purchased during that time.

“At the end of the two weeks we go to the hospital and personally give the bracelets to our friend Toni Freda who works there and we hear that the patients love them. As of April 2022, we have manufactured and shipped nearly 100 bracelets,” Smith said. “We are doing this to honor the patients who are facing a major challenge and we just want to remind them that someone is thinking of them and that they are not alone. … This month’s charity bracelet is called ‘Angel’.”

Smith noted that as jewelry sales increase, she hopes to donate more bracelets to breast cancer patients each month.

Neveh's jewelry

Neveah’s Jewelry offers a wide variety of unique designs. (Courtesy of Jade Smith)


While Smith said that she and her daughter have a great working relationship, being the parent of your business partner is sometimes difficult.

“Learning to listen to each other and trusting Nevaeh to make decisions that I may not always agree with can be challenging, but as partners, we’re learning to work together and compromise,” Smith said. “If I come up with a design that she totally hates, I can’t be the mom and do ‘because I said so.’ This is a partnership between the two of us. …I love that she can make her own decisions.”

Neveh's jewelry

“Our pieces are made in small batches; No more than 10 of any given style will ever be made. We use a lot of beads in our craft and have created custom pieces upon request,” said Jade Smith. (Courtesy of Jade Smith)

But Smith said she’s enjoying the extra time she can spend with the youngest of her three children, as 15-year-olds don’t typically spend that much time with their parents.

“My hope is that as a young woman facing adversity in life, she will learn that her strength and power are always there and that she is the one in control of her happiness and destiny,” Smith said.





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