One way to get meat off your table is with this veggie pot pie recipe – Low Calorie Diets Tips

Lula and Kim Palmer

PART 1 – Lula’s story

Growing up in Georgia in the 1950s and early 60s with a working mother says a lot about the early influences on my eating habits.

Meat was the star of the plate, be it steak, pot roast, pork chops, ham or chicken, and it took center stage in our meal planning. In addition, there were frozen or canned vegetables such as peas, green beans or corn, which saved housewives time.

Our favorite starch was mashed potatoes or rice. Salads were a canned pear or pineapple slice with cottage cheese or jelly with canned fruit cocktail. And then there was spam, frozen chicken pot pies, and dinners on TV. We washed it all down with copious amounts of sweet tea.

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