Wantage NJ parents adopt orphans from Ukraine amid war in Russia – Low Calorie Diets Tips

Michelle Torppey still remembers the tears she shed when she and her husband Wade, parents of six biological children, adopted seven orphans from Ukraine nearly a year ago, leaving their two older sisters behind.

“We all lived in one apartment [in Ukraine] and we drove to the airport at 5 a.m.,” said the Wantage resident.

Since then, the extended Torppey clan has grown as its newest members began their new lives, mingling with their new family and enrolling in school.

Meanwhile, her older sisters Kristina, 20, and Snizhana, 21, find themselves on the frontlines of a Russian military invasion that has plunged their homeland into violent chaos.

“We Facetimed them almost every day and you could hear the bombs going off in the background,” Michelle said. “Sometimes you could see and hear shots. They were afraid for their lives, and so were the other children.”

Wade and Michelle Torppey of Wantage, Center, adopted seven children from Ukraine in July 2021 and added six biological children to their family.  After war broke out in Ukraine, the Torppeys helped bring their new children's two older siblings, Kristina, 20, and Snizhana, 21, center, to the United States in May 2022.

It took Kristina and Snizhana three months to flee to Poland, then Germany and Amsterdam before arriving at Newark Liberty Airport on May 24 to rejoin their siblings and extend the Torppey family tree to 17, plus or minus grandparents and in-laws.

“It was almost like ‘What’s a few more’?” Wade joked.

But on a more serious note, Wade said recording her “was the only thing we could do.”

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