Tempe Chorizo ​​​​Spot Bill’s Market is closing after over 60 years – Low Calorie Diets Tips

Bonnie Gonzales queued at Bill’s Market in Tempe at 5 a.m. Friday, hoping to get a batch of her famous chorizo ​​before the store closes on Saturday, June 18.

She was among the last customers to get chorizo, which sold out by 10 p.m. However, Gonzales said the nearly 5-hour wait was worth it.

“Bills Markets’ is the only chorizo ​​I’ve ever eaten,” she said. “It’s about the taste, the spiciness, it just has a certain spiciness.”

Gonzales said Friday was the third straight day she’d come to the market to get chorizo ​​for herself and her family since learning the store would be closing after 60 years of a longstanding favorite was.

“I’m very sad about the closure but I’m happy for them, they are such good people and it’s about time. Over 60 years is a long time.”

After 62 years, the family is retiring from Bill's Market in Tempe.  Vicki Sims was one of the last customers to get chorizo ​​after waiting in line for hours.  The market sold out before 10am on June 17, 2022.

‘We want to travel a little’: Owners need to take a step back

According to Bobby Figueroa, the market’s owner, what makes the chorizo ​​special is the top-secret recipe that’s been in his family for about 62 years.

He said the recipe was passed down to him and his wife by his Uncle Bill, after whom the market is named.

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