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For Cristina, managing director of an investment bank in London, resetting the engagement ring her husband gave her 14 years ago was a no-go. Still, she longed for a piece of jewelry that was more versatile and fun on her hand for everyday wear. She found the answer in a bespoke party jacket created by goldsmith Sabine Roemer who, via a highly engineered ring with a matching gemstone setting, flanked the original round brilliant with trillion-cut (i.e. triangle-shaped) stones, creating a cooler, bolder look.

“The jacket breathed new life into my ring so I can wear it to boardrooms as well as cocktail parties,” says Cristina.

A party jacket is a jewel-encrusted gem that embellishes an existing ring and is something that brands both large and small are adding to their repertoire to enhance wearability. With the high jewelry collections in January, the no plus ultra Of jewelry collections to be presented to VIP clients during Paris Couture, Chaumet displayed an asymmetrical and convertible 6.05-carat diamond ring, echoing the collection’s theme of crashing waves, with the central stone appearing to splash into a wave of stones that are made of different cuts — and that could be removed for a more classic look.

Boucheron’s collection, meanwhile, was inspired by modern-day maharajahs and featured a statement clear crystal ring topped with a cushion-cut diamond – its traditional floral motif instantly transformed into rock ‘n’ roll when paired with the clear crystal leaf jacket Worn on both sides, creating a punk brass knuckles.

Ring jackets, also known as guard rings or enhancers, have their roots in 18th-century “guardian rings,” which grew in popularity for protecting central solitaire stones – especially softer ones like emeralds – or keeping them from slipping off .

Annoushka 18k yellow gold and peridot engagement ring with a baguette diamond ring jacket, £18,000,

“They were quite simple in style, usually gold, enamelled, or set with jewels, and were worn on one or both sides of the solitaire,” says Josephine Odet, director of purchasing and customer service at vintage jewelery retailer Omnēque. Ring jackets became more stylized in the Art Deco period – and also more technical, with center rings designed to slide in and out seamlessly.

“When you invest half a million, millions or a few million dollars in an exceptional diamond, you want flexibility,” says Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewelers. De Beers began making jackets, which it calls “crowns,” a few years ago for VIP customers who had bought exceptional stones.

In January, the Light Rays Haute Joaillerie collection introduced a rare 1.08-carat orange and yellow diamond in a cool square emerald cut with a bold black rhodium-plated gold crown interrupted by orange, yellow and silver strands of titanium that fan downwards the finger. The jacket evokes the rays of the sun and can be worn in three ways: either as a ring or jacket alone, or as a pair frontally.

A large white gold ring with a square center piece.  It is mounted on a jeweled accessory

Transformable Chaumet Déferlante ring in white gold set with a 6.05 carat emerald-cut diamond, £721,000,

A blue diamond over a blue titanium and diamond plumage

De Beers Blue Crown ring in white gold and titanium set with diamonds made exclusively for the De Beers Blue Diamond (auctioned by Sotheby’s)

“You can play with color,” Assimon says of the possibilities. “Or you can add movement; it’s like wearing feathers.”

The company used the same motif for the 15.10-carat “De Beers Blue,” the largest brilliant blue diamond ever offered at auction, which fetched $57.5 million at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in April. To emphasize the stone’s rarity, De Beers created a dramatic casing that placed the stone boldly horizontally over a plumage of blue titanium and diamonds.

But not only incredible stones deserve a crown. De Beers’ feminine Dewdrop collection includes a platinum crown ring (£2,850) that can be stacked with a simple one-carat engagement ring for added sparkle – or worn alone for a more edgy look.

“Everyone wants something that shows a little edge or a little bit of excess,” says Assimon. “We’re finding creative ways to wear engagement rings in a more stylish way.”

On Valentine’s Day, eponymous jeweler Annoushka Ducas unveiled a collection of 10 unique rings, each with a two-piece jacket featuring a center stone at the top and bottom (from £10,000). Crafted from recycled gold, the designs have an air of old Hollywood glamour, with their tactile, warm tones set off by dazzling jackets of baguette-cut stones like a 2.3-carat brown tourmaline framed by layers of white diamonds, or A jacket is balanced with 66 pink sapphires housing a 5.03 carat aquamarine and white diamonds. With rounded edges, they are ideal for stacking and feel less than pure engagement rings.

A red diamond set over a pointed design ring

Sabine Roemer Ruby Star vintage ruby ​​ring, diamond coat in platinum and white diamonds, POA,

A large square diamond between two rows of diamonds

Jessica McCormack Diamond Button Back Ring and Diamond Party Jacket, POA,

“Rings are one of the few pieces of jewelry that a woman can really admire in herself,” says Ducas, who designed the jackets to enclose either or both sides of the center ring, inviting the wearer to play and experiment. “It could literally be just a pair of jeans: white shirt, jeans and a super cool cocktail ring – that’s it, you’re good to go. I don’t think life is about formal wear anymore.”

Goldsmith Roemer has noticed more requests for made-to-order pieces, particularly from women who are shopping for themselves and want to alter sentimental but very classic engagement rings – but still want to keep them.

“They want to create that passion piece that they can wear every day, enhance their ring and show their personality,” she says. A cool diamond star jacket instantly modernized a historic dove ruby ​​Tiffany ring that belonged to a client. A burst of blue sapphires brought color to another diamond solitaire, designed to evoke one of Roemer’s premium floral gemstones.

“With the jacket, the customer could wear her engagement ring at all times but shake it at will – transforming it into a cocktail ring or a more subtle piece for lunch or when traveling on the plane,” says Roemer.

Mayfair-based jeweler Jessica McCormack has long been helping clients dress up unloved rings with jackets, but lately she’s also noticed a sustainable element. “Nowadays it feels good not only to keep buying new, but instead to upgrade and invest in something you already love,” says McCormack. “And if it has sentimental value, even better.”

Their jackets reflect different eras. A New York party jacket transforms a solitaire into a strong and architectural art deco piece. Geographic hex rings surround a center stone or can be worn individually. “It’s totally modern with the use of negative space – and a very good ‘changeling’ design,” says McCormack. “There’s a kind of versatility that you don’t always find in jewelry.”

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