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Sometimes a hidden gem of a The store is tucked away in a mall on a thoroughfare and shares a space with nail salons and fast food outlets. Colin Buckley’s jewelry store is one such gem, tucked away between a sushi restaurant and a veterinarian.
Buckley and Co. Jewelry opened in December 2018 in the Pico Plaza Pavilion and is filled with gems and jewels of all kinds, with showcases a treasure trove of sparkling diamonds, colorful gems, rings, bracelets, necklaces and watches. The space is clean, open, and inviting for customers looking for the perfect bauble.

Buckley worked at a family friend’s jewelry store in Laguna Niguel for 10 years where he learned all about jewelry and the mechanics of jewelry making before opening his own shop in San Clemente. Although he lives in the nearby Laguna Hills — not too far from the sand and surf — he’s not a surfer. He wanted to open his family-run jewelry store in San Clemente because he loves the city and enjoys being close to a shop near the ocean.

Buckley’s hobbies since he was young have been tinkering projects with his father in the garage. Together they did metalworking, woodworking, and other related crafts like model making. Later, when he was older, he and his friends enjoyed tinkering and tinkering with motorcycles.

As he began his apprenticeship with his jeweler friend, he found that his passion for hands-on projects helped him find a good fit for a creative career crafting bespoke jewellery. He spent 10 years honing his skills and learning various aspects of the craft, including repair work. As an apprentice and shop manager in the jewelry business, he studied at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Whilst learning about the industry he became interested in the mechanics of clocks and his interest was sparked as a goldsmith learning how to work with all types of metals; Alignment with the style of creation he had always enjoyed.

While Buckley and Co Jewelry is a full-service fine jewelry store that displays all styles of elegant and contemporary jewelry, it also offers simple jewelry repairs. With a strong focus on custom work, Buckley’s customers often want to replicate family pieces or have something made that is unique to their own style. Most of Buckley’s bespoke designs are inspired by photos collected from individual customers and combine their ideas with pieces they see on display in the store.

Buckley’s in-house jewelry maker and designer, Monique Pieton, who graduated from Arizona State University with an Fine Art degree, thoroughly enjoys collaborating with clients, helping them create unique designs and replicating their inspirational ideas, including their personal vision to interpret their desires, individual goals and budgets for their special keepsakes. She begins by drawing the concept while working very closely with Buckley and the clients to get the design just right. The design is then displayed on a 3D software computer program, allowing the customer to view their unique design from all angles. Once everyone agrees they like the design, metals and stones are chosen so Buckley and his staff can begin executing the special piece at their jeweler’s workbench.
Buckley also employs Amanda Cable, a jeweler who has been making and designing her own jewelry since 2014. Charlie Buckley, Colin’s nephew, and Evan Buckley, Colin’s father, round out the workforce and truly make the small business a family affair. Charlie is mainly the in-house watch technician, customer service representative and supervisor of outside sales and deliveries. All the staff take turns in front of the shop helping customers to choose their desired ring, necklace, bracelet or watch. Buckley’s family also includes his wonderful wife Lupita who is a jeweler (antique specialist) and is currently taking time off to be at home with their beautiful 2 year old daughter Mara.
Buckley informed me that he works with some of the largest diamond suppliers and has access to diamonds of every size and shape, including natural and lab grown varieties, as well as a variety of different gemstones, precious and semi-precious stones, in every shape and color imaginable . Couples looking for engagement rings and wedding bands have over 500 styles to try on at the store and its website offers four thousand styles for brides-to-be, something for every taste and budget.

It’s worth stopping by and chatting with the friendly, knowledgeable staff who are ready and willing to help you choose a new piece of jewelry or help you create an heirloom to cherish.b

Buckley and Co. Jewelry

415 E. Avenida Pico, D, San Clemente, (949) 218-1184


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