Land O’Lakes’ sound garden integrates music, nature, and community artworks for an immersive experience – Low Calorie Diets Tips

Tucked away just off Highway B in Land O’Lakes behind the Northern Waters Museum and next to the Northland Pines SOAR Charter School is a small patch of woods.

“[It’s] very unique with those very tall pines, but all of the undergrowth was eventually cleared, so now there’s just this really rich, filled green of bracken and other plants,” said JG Everest. “When I found spot I was very excited to create a soundtrack for people to experience this place.”

Each speaker space is carefully planned to create a unique experience no matter how you walk through the sound garden.

The Minnesota composer and director spent hundreds of hours planning and designing the sound garden at Land O’Lakes.

At its core, a sound garden is an immersive art experience.

In the case of Land O’Lakes, people can stroll through the woods at their own pace.

Scattered throughout are carefully crafted vessels to hide the speakers from view, some of which were created by students at Watersmeet and SOAR Charter School.

“Students from these schools have made various artworks, poems and sculptures, and they have painted some small urns that will contain speakers for the sound garden,” Everest said.

These speakers are timed to the second to synchronize the composition created by Everest.

“If you can imagine the path in an orchestra, you have first violin, second violin, there’s like a 70-piece orchestra. Each part, first french horn, second french horn, trumpet, trombone, plays a different part of the music, but when you listen to them all together, it’s one piece of music,” Everest said. “Now if you can imagine putting each of those parts on its own speaker and then putting that speaker in a birdhouse or a felt pod or one of those urns that the kids painted to look like they would You walk through the orchestra as it plays because every step you take, every time you turn your head, the mix and direction of the music changes.”

Besides the sound of music and the sights of nature, people can also take in the other works of art.

Like the music, everything was inspired by the forests around them.

Some of it was created by the students. Others from parishioners and visitors who attended workshops on photography, painting, poetry and music from LOLA last week.

“They come to this event and they might not even notice, but through the lens everyone else who has been here and spent time here, the children, the poetry workshop, the photography workshop, will now be able to identifying through all the different lenses of different people through different media,” Everest said.

Sound Garden 6t.jpg

The sound garden is located in a small forest just off Highway B in Land O’Lakes.

This connection between art, nature and community is one of the things LOLA appreciates most about this sound garden experience.

“I look forward to watching people wander through. It’s a very meditative thing to stroll through or just sit and enjoy and have time to stop, listen, close your eyes, read the poetry written by the participants, look at the artwork and just get away from the ordinary to solve lives,” said Jennifer Anderson, CEO of LOLA.

Both Anderson and Everest hope people will appreciate the small patch of forest in Land O’Lakes.

“We’re just very fortunate to have this area in the town of Lake O’Lakes, which is a hidden little gem,” Anderson said.

But also an appreciation for the power of art and nature.

“I hear from people that spending time in a sound garden has really changed things for them. They thought about things they hadn’t thought of. It brought relief or some form of healing that they really needed,” Everest said. “I don’t want people to come out expecting something like that necessarily, but that’s certainly my hope, that this will really help people feel good and feel more connected and grounded with their own community, but they’ll be here too.” be this beautiful natural space.”

The Klanggarten is open on Mondays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

It’s free and open to the public.

Land O’Lakes also celebrates Make Music Day on Tuesday.

There will be live performances throughout the day and across the city.

Visit the LOLA website for more information.

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