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Shining and exuding unique charm at the International Jewelery Hall

HONG KONG, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LUSANT, a fashionable and diversified diamond brand, appeared at JCK Las Vegas, one of the most prestigious international jewelry events. LUSANT showcased its brand image and technological prowess at JCK through a variety of jewelry with distinctive brand characteristics, thereby deepening consumers’ awareness and understanding of the brand.

Take part in the International Jewelry Exhibition and set the stage on fire

The JCK Las Vegas International Jewelry Exhibition is a major event for the jewelry industry with a global presence and is one of the three most important jewelry fairs in the world alongside Vicenzaoro and Baselworld. Bringing together internationally renowned jewelry brands, JCK Las Vegas attracts professional buyers and jewelry insiders from around the world, offering jewelers a mutually beneficial platform to grow their global business, build brand awareness and seek international collaboration.

LUSANT has chosen this year’s JCK event in Las Vegas as an opportunity to present its brand on an international platform with the aim of expressing its diverse, trendy and fashionable LUSANT attributes through the presentation at this event, which has a strong global impact on the jewelry industry has. With unwavering quality standards, LUSANT incorporates cutting-edge creativity, exquisite craftsmanship and technical know-how into the creation of colorful and beautiful lab-grown diamond jewellery. Its unique “Starburst Cut” technique lets the stone shine through in all its facets. The holistic brand presentation of LUSANT at the fair not only offers jewelers, enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of LUSANT’s brand philosophy and design concepts, but also underlines the high quality requirements of LUSANT as a fashion brand in the jewelry manufacturing process and its constant pursuit of advanced technology in the field of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Born to be stars with an exceptionally rich heritage

“LUSANT” takes its name from the French word alluding to lights and lights. It is a lab grown diamond brand by Yuyuan Jewelry and Fashion Group. As the mainstay of Yuyuan Inc.’s jewelry and fashion business segment, Yuyuan Jewelry & Fashion Group actively leverages Yuyuan Inc.’s strengths and strategic direction, and establishes a multi-brand and differentiated development strategy in jewelry and fashion segment through the integration and connection of online and offline resources. Through brand renewal and industrial upgrading, Yuyuan Inc. has become more fashionable, diversified and international.

With the “Born to be Different” concept, LUSANT is committed to pushing the boundaries of the traditional diamond industry by simulating the environment of natural diamonds and producing high-quality, lab-grown diamonds, offering varied and personalized options to consumers through artistic creation designed jewelry.

At the exhibition, LUSANT presented a large selection of exquisite diamond jewelery from various collections. The most eye-catching pieces were the pink diamonds from the brand’s iconic La Voyageur de la Galaxie collection, which pulled many attentions. High-quality pink diamonds have always been rare in the jewelry market, and LUSANT cultivated the pink diamonds with unique charm and glamor with its cutting-edge technology, leaving guests amazed.

LUSANT brand background

Founded in 1992, Fosun is a global, innovation-driven consumer group dedicated to providing quality products and services to families around the world in the segments of health, happiness, wealth and intelligent manufacturing.

As the flagship platform of Fosun’s happiness segment, Yuyuan Inc. has formed a number of industry clusters, including jewelry and fashion, cultural enterprises, cultural food and beverages, wine, Chinese medicine and healthcare, cosmetics, animal health, watches, fashion apparel and more cultural creativity. It has 18 venerable Chinese brands and a variety of leading brands China, as well as a number of world-renowned brands. The company actively promotes integrated industrial development through investment and mergers and acquisitions as part of its efforts to achieve comprehensive industrial modernization. Yuyuan Inc. aims to be a world-leading happiness and fashion group, focusing on establishing happiness and fashion consumption of family customers, while interpreting classic elements with modern fashion and leading the rejuvenation of Chinese culture.

Yuyuan Jewelry & Fashion Group has already built successful gold jewelry brands such as LAO MIAO Jewelry and YAYI Jewelry; in March 2020, it acquired French designer jewelry brand “DJULA” to appeal to young customers; in July 2020She founded a joint venture with the Italian jewelry group Damiani Group to acquire the exclusive distribution rights of the Italian jewelry brand Damiani and the premium jewelry brand Salvini Greater China, further expanding the brand presence of Yuyuan Jewelry & Fashion Group; in Aug 2021, Yuyuan Jewelry & Fashion Group officially launched LUSANT, a lab-grown diamond brand that appeals to young people with stylish designs and jewelry that celebrates the independence and confidence of modern women. With “FANCY CUT, FANCY COLOR, FANCY LIFE” as the brand DNA, LUSANT creates exquisite and stylish diamond jewelry, interprets the brand concept of “Born to be Different” with a strong brand essence and conveys a varied, independent and self-confident lifestyle.

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