Navarre girl honors her mother’s battle with cancer by donating her hair – Low Calorie Diets Tips

Losses are always difficult. But in recent years, losing loved ones has been complicated by the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has often prevented people from seeing loved ones in their final days.

For one family in particular — or specifically a group of siblings in Navarre — their loss coincided with the pandemic, a nervous return to the classroom, another family health hazard, and Hurricane Sally, highlighting how the pandemic and its aftermath are evolving Losses have made a loved one just that much harder.

In 2017, Carylle Quinn-Leonard, a mother of three from Navarre, found out she had breast cancer. Her mother-in-law, Laura Bastoni, told News Journal that Quinn-Leonard’s health had ups and downs over the years immediately after she found out about her condition. But in August 2020, Quinn-Leonard died of brain cancer. She is survived by her children and her husband Scott.

Mykelti Leonard does her long blonde locks in style on Monday 20th June 2022.  The soon-to-be fifth grader donates her hair to help children with hair loss in honor of her mother, Carylle Quinn-Leonard, who passed away from cancer 2020.

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Fast forward almost two years, and their eldest child, Mykelti Leonard, will soon be cutting her long, silky hair by nearly a foot. She’s been growing it since her mother died, and she said she wants to donate what was cut to cancer patients for wigs similar to the ones she remembers her mother wearing.

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