Planet Earth’s cameraman films a wildlife documentary shot entirely in an outdoor dining area – Low Calorie Diets Tips

One of of planet earth Cameramen filmed a wildlife documentary that was filmed entirely in a UK outdoor pub. You can see the result at the end of this article.

Doug Allan worked on David Attenborough’s popular BBC One documentary series and is an Emmy and BAFTA winning filmmaker and wildlife photographer.

And now he’s traded oceans and polar expanses for a traditionally British setting – the Pub Garden.

Pub patrons included a variety of insects (Nigel Davies)

The wildlife documentary was made with the support of gin brand Warner’s Gin. It was filmed at the Castle Hotel in Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire and is believed to be the first in the world to be filmed entirely in pub grounds.

It was created to highlight how nature “can thrive in the most unexpected places among us”.

Pub patrons featured in the film range from bees, newts, birds and butterflies to wildflowers and other plants that coexist with humans.

“My career as a wildlife filmmaker has taken me to Antarctica and the Pacific Ocean, but never to an outdoor pub in England,” Allan said.

The documentary was filmed at the Castle Hotel and Pub in Bishops Castle, Shropshire (Nigel Davies).

“But a garden like the one we shot in was just as full of nature and wildlife as any habitat I shot in.

“The whole time we were filming here in this pub, we never failed to capture nature on camera, even when the garden was full of people.

“It’s great to be a part of Warner’s gin documentary, which will change the way people view outdoor dining areas across the country and hopefully make a difference for nature and in turn for the planet.”

Doug Allen was a cinematographer on BBC One’s Planet Earth (Nigel Davies)

The miniseries was commissioned by Warner’s Gin to announce its new Nature Marque accreditation scheme.

The documentary aims to show people “how important these outdoor spaces are to nature and encourage pubs to get involved in accreditation”.

With support from Wildlife Trust BCN, accreditation will reward pubs that have made efforts to open their gardens to both nature and people by planting wildflowers, installing bird boxes and insect hotels or creating a hedgehog highway.

The documentary can be viewed on YouTube (Nigel Davies)

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Warner’s Distillery Tom Warner said: “We have big ambitions with Warner’s Nature Marque and the pub accreditation scheme is the first step in that journey.”

“We want to encourage real, sustainable support for nature… Tens of thousands of outdoor dining areas are an untapped resource for biodiversity.”

The documentary can be viewed on YouTube:


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