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The Garden Patch, which had been in business in Platt Park since 1964, closed during the pandemic. The property sold for $850,000. (BusinessDen file photo)

Nora Baldwin doesn’t like to let a good cause go to waste.

The 45-year-old Denver native recently bought two lots in her neighborhood to save from potential redevelopment.

On April 26, Baldwin paid $850,000 for the former Garden Patch Plant Shop lot at 628 E. Evans Ave, according to property records. on the edge of the Platt Park and Rosedale neighborhoods.

Garden bed Nora Baldwin

Nora Baldwin

“I’ve been shopping at the Garden Patch since I moved to the neighborhood and I couldn’t believe it was up for sale,” Baldwin said. “I was worried someone would buy it and it wouldn’t be for the community anymore. So I rushed to buy it. I’m not sure what it will be, but I wanted it to be a place where the neighborhood gathers, like it did when it was the Garden Patch.”

BusinessDen reported in June 2020 that the Garden Patch, which opened in 1964, has closed for good. Owner Andrea Ayers, who bought the business and property from founder Fred Vestal in 2007, decided to close the doors due to the pandemic.

Baldwin has yet to find a tenant for the 4,449-square-foot space, but she’s looking for someone who can create a new gathering place for the neighborhood.

“I want someone who wants to invest in the community like I do,” she said.

Prior to the Garden Patch, Baldwin acquired a 5,518-square-foot building at 1804 S. Pearl St. in Platt Park for $2.5 million in December 2020, according to property records.

The building was previously owned by Steve Koloskus, who ran his advertising agency from there and also began planting a garden. He had friends and neighbors help him with the harvest and even ran the Pearl Street Pumpkin Patch there until he passed away in 2015 and handed the building over to his son.

Baldwin lives across the alley and often visited Colonus’ garden.

“The garden meant a lot to me and made me feel welcome in the neighborhood,” she said.

Baldwin said she didn’t want a pillar in her community to go to waste.

“I bought this property because I didn’t want a developer to do exactly what they were doing across the street, a 27-unit condominium building with no ground floor retail,” Baldwin said.

Garden patch rendering

An illustration of the proposed building and row houses at 1804 S. Pearl St. in Platt Park. (Image courtesy of Margarita Gonzalez and Ron Faleide)

The established Garden of Colonus was eradicated many years ago when Mayu Sanctuary took over the site and converted it into a meditation space. It will now be a patio for Don Memo, a Connecticut-based restaurant she signed for the space, which will open in 2023.

“I wanted to keep the garden/patio where I could afford it, knowing that this would not optimize the economic value of the property,” Baldwin said. “Don Memo will have nice patio seating for his guests, and I see it as a space for community where all the neighbors can gather and enjoy a taco and a marg.”

Baldwin plans to develop three townhouses at the back of the Don Memo building. They will be zoned to allow residents to run a shop on the ground floor of the townhouses. She hopes to break ground in October and finish it next year.

This is Baldwin’s first foray into the commercial real estate market. She started her own multi-family business called Viva Creatures 10 years ago and owns five residences across the city, including Vitruvius at 1680 Steele St. in City Park and another at 1165 Columbine N. St. in Congress Park.

“My focus is on pre-war buildings from the 1930s,” Baldwin said. “There are so few of them in Denver. So I hunt them, buy them and try to keep their original properties.”

Baldwin was previously a “very unhappy lawyer,” she said. She used the money she had earned in her earlier career and some family capital to invest in real estate, beginning with a home in Platt Park that she bought and rented to graduate students at the University of Denver.

Commercial real estate has become a passion project for her and she is ready to see where it takes her.

“Platt Park is a wonderful place to live, and based on my multifamily experience, I’m aware of the money coming in from out of state to buy buildings,” Baldwin said. “They don’t care about the community like I do. I want Pearl Street to stay amazing.”

Garden Patch property sold in Denver

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