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The sizzling of a pan, the simmering of stews, the smell of cookies wafting out of the oven – these are what I remember when I was in the kitchen with my mother as a child. She always had me in the kitchen with me on my little step stool, where I would help her stir dough, peel potatoes and prepare salads. But when I had my own child, I didn’t know where to start. Figuring out how to introduce your child to the kitchen, regardless of their age, can be a challenge. How do you make it exciting? What are the best kid-friendly recipes? And how do you ensure that the food you prepare together really tastes good? That’s where the brand new Yummy Crate from KiwiCo comes into play. I recently had the opportunity to review the Tasty & Toasty Yummy Crate and it is exactly what parents interested in getting their kids to cook need, all in one box.

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I was previously familiar with KiwiCo and their handy monthly activity kits that encourage kids’ STEAM skills. Yummy Crate is their newest addition. A monthly kit for kids ages 6-14, it explores the science of cooking with delicious family-friendly recipes, special cooking tools for kids to experiment with, and creative activities.

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When I opened the kit I was amazed at how much was inside. There was a letter to the “adult sous chef” outlining the recipes it contained and explaining the box’s main lesson (in this case the Maillard reaction, which is the fancy scientific name for cooking food until browned ). Shopping list for ingredients and offering substitutes for different dietary needs.

Included were three recipe cards to make brown burgers, chicken tenders, and mashed potatoes. I was thrilled to see that they had options for making meatless versions of their browned burgers, gluten-free options for their breaded chicken tenders, and that each recipe was nut-free, making this kit allergy-friendly.

The specialty tool that came with my kit was a burger press that doubles as a potato shredder. My son is a toddler so a little under the recommended age range but he enjoyed helping me press our burgers. And we were both very happy mashing our potatoes, which helped them crisp up in the oven (that’s the Maillard reaction in action!). In fact, the burger press tool might have been invented for the kids, but I can see myself using it for all sorts of things in the future, especially when making crispy potatoes or Brussels sprouts (smashing these up results in more surface area coming into contact with yours pan, which also means more Maillard reaction and crispy brown bits).

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Courtesy of Yummy Crate.

On the creative side, the kit included a dry-erase menu and a marker for kids to write down descriptions of their culinary creations. But beyond the kit, the reusable menu can also be a fun activity to get kids interested in dinner every night. You can write out the menu while you cook, or you can have them create a menu and prepare your meal based on the dinner they came up with! There is also a Yummy Zine, a magazine with information and activities related to each crate. This one was all about the Maillard reaction and even included a cute mystery story about toasted marshmallows.

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Courtesy of KiwiCo.

The KiwiCo Yummy Crate is available to pre-order now and will start shipping in November. If you’ve always wanted to get your kids excited about food and cooking but weren’t sure where to start, this is a great option. It’s also fun for kids who already have an interest in cooking – they’ll love the dedicated cooking tool in each kit, and learning about the “why” behind phenomena like food browning will deepen their understanding of how things work in the world kitchen work.

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