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you will hear JCK Editor-in-Chief Victoria Gomelsky and News Director Rob Bates share their post-JCK Show takeaways and the interviews they did live on the JCK Show floor.

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View Notes
00:30 Rob and Victoria share their insights from the JCK show
09:30 Victoria interviews Mark Smelzer, Chief Content Executive at Jewelers Mutual Group
11:00 Victoria interviews Matt Stuller, CEO of Stuller
13:40 Rob interviews Craig Underwood of Underwoods Fine Jewelers
17:00 Rob interviews Feriel Zerouki from De Beers
20:18 Rob interviews Steve Coe, CEO of Lightbox Jewelry
25:40 Victoria interviews Yuliya Kusher, CEO of Meylor Global
29:26 Victoria interviews Manos Phoundoulakis from EZEC
31:23 Rob interviews Jeff Corey, the former owner of Day’s Jewelers who is now VP of Marketing

Episode Credits
Host: Rob Bates and Victoria Gomelsky
Producer and Engineer: Natalie Chomet
Plug: jckonline.com, @jckmagazine

Show summary

JCK show food stalls
Victoria and Rob comment on how great the JCK show was this year. Rob says that the spirit and attendance has been really strong and that the jewelry industry has been at its peak over the past two years. Some people even told Rob it was their best show ever. Others came to the show for the first time – a great reminder of why we have in-person shows. There was a certain awareness of inflation at the fair. Victoria also mentions that orange is emerging as a trendy spot color.

Markus Schmelzer
Victoria interviews Jewelers Mutual Group’s Chief Content Executive, Mark Smelzer. Mark was formerly the editor of JCK, and Victoria asks what it’s like to be on the other side of the JCK show. Mark comments on the general energy at the show and how great it is to see sales at every booth.

Matt Stuller
Matt Stuller, CEO of Stuller, is looking forward to the show. Victoria comments on how busy the Stuller booth is. Victoria asks what’s new this year. Victoria loves his permanent bracelet stand. Victoria asks how business has been so far this year and Matt says business has been very strong. Everyone is cautiously optimistic.

Craig Underwood
Rob mentions that Craig Underwood of Underwoods Fine Jewelers just won the Robert M. Shipley Award, and Craig says they’re still pumping about that award. Rob asks what they’ve seen on the show so far and Craig says he loves the energy. Rob asks Craig if this is going to be a great vacation and Craig says yes – he’s cautiously optimistic.

Feriel Zerouki
Feriel Zerouki, who won the Diamonds Do Good Next Gen award at the show, is Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at De Beers. Rob asks about Feriel’s involvement with the Responsible Jewelery Council and Feriel says despite some recent issues there has been a lot of progress. Rob asks about the JCK show and Feriel says it’s going well.

Steve Coe
Rob asks Steve Coe, the CEO of Lightbox Jewelry, how things turned out at Lightbox, which sent shockwaves through the industry when it first launched its line of lab-grown jewelry. According to Steve, 25% of their shoppers are repeat customers. Rob notes that Lightbox is expected to be 100% renewable energy by the end of 2022, and Steve says it’s making great strides towards that. According to Steve, besides pink and blue, Lightbox is looking for other carat sizes and other colored diamonds.

Julia Kusher
Victoria interviews Yuliya Kusher, CEO of Meylor Global, the Ukrainian diamond company that produces lab-grown diamonds. She shows Victoria the largest uncut lab-grown diamond in the world, 150 carats. Victoria asks how the war is affecting their business, but Yuliya says they can’t really predict what’s going to happen on a day-to-day basis.

Manos Phoundoulakis
Victoria interviews her good friend Manos Phoundoulakis about his new company, EZEC, which he founded with Andrew DeMarco. EZEC stands for Easy Emergency Contact. They claim to save lives and improve healthcare through jewelry. Its technological advances are helping first responders with an easier way for people to wear medical ID bracelets.

Jeff Corey
Jeff Corey, vice president of marketing at Day’s Jewelers, has been to 30 JCK shows. He was on the original and has been on every show since. He says it’s exciting to be here and do business. He looks around, looks at technology and tries to see what’s new and exciting in jewelry. Last year, Day’s Jewelers became employee-owned, allowing them to share the company’s profits. Rob asks how business has been this year and Jeff says it’s been great.

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