Governor Hochul, the protection of the Finger Lakes environment is not partial – Low Calorie Diets Tips

It’s no secret that Seneca County, like many of the counties in the Finger Lakes, is largely rural and conservative. Democrats feel underrepresented in county legislatures that are heavily Republican-leaning, while Republican lawmakers feel ignored by a Democratic-controlled state legislature and nearly 20 years of Democratic governors. Like the rest of the country, we have a lot of arguments, mostly on a partisan level. But here in Seneca County, there is one issue that always unites us—protecting our lakes, our watersheds, and our environment.

Earlier this month, the Seneca County board of directors, made up of 13 Republicans and one Democrat, including both of us, voted unanimously to urge Gov. Kathy Hochul to impose a moratorium on environmentally destructive cryptomining and to deny the Greenidge Generation’s air permits. We are all for supporting local businesses and job growth, but there comes a point when the exploitation of our natural resources goes too far.

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