At Pride, celebrations amid a darker national setting | New York News – Low Calorie Diets Tips

By DEEPTI HAJELA, Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — LGBTQ Pride commemorations that at times felt like victory celebrations for civil rights advances are grappling with a darker atmosphere this year, a national environment of intense legislative and rhetorical battles over sexual orientation and gender identity. Large crowds are expected at Pride events in New … Read more

We are committed to protecting our environment – Low Calorie Diets Tips

Ecosystems support all life on earth. The healthier our ecosystems, the healthier the planet – and its people. The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration aims to prevent, halt and reverse the destruction of ecosystems on every continent and in every ocean. It can help end poverty, fight climate change and prevent mass deaths. This will … Read more

Security risks of the environmental crisis – Low Calorie Diets Tips

The world’s growing environmental crisis — including climate change, which has led to widespread droughts, floods and heat waves that threaten important food crops — is escalating security risks around the world. A new policy report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) entitled “Environment of Peace: Security in a New Era of Risk” … Read more